Sunday, December 8, 2019

Neutral Christmas Table Design

Keeping a neutral Christmas table design is a great way to keep things elegant and calm during what can often be an overwhelming time of year.

Here are three simple ways to create a neutral Christmas design for your Holiday Home... So put away the charger plates, and over-the-top bulky centerpiece, and follow these easy tips to creating a simple and neutral, yet elegant Christmas table of your very own.

One:  Use Greenery
Whether an evergreen garland, or individual Eucalyptus stems, Greenery will provide you with a neutral base to create your design.

Two: Limit the frills to simple aesthetics 
An Organic Place Setting of a simple cardstock tag and holiday sprig is all you need for a natural looking setting...

Three: Add pop of Elegance...
Yes that’s right, Bust out your “fancy”dinnerware to add that element of elegance to your neutral design.  Here, I’ve used my formal Wedgewood China from our wedding registry to bring a little elegance to my neutral holiday Christmas design.

And there you have it... three simple tips to creating the perfect neutral 
yet elegant holiday table design.

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season to the fullest 
As always...

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