Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life is Better on The Vineyard... Martha's Vineyard that is!

Now I know why people enjoy summering 
on Martha's Vineyard...
 Picturesque, Quaint, Relaxed, Beautiful Cape Cod Architecture, Amazing Seafood, Nautical Inspirations all around, Breathtaking Views.  These are  just some of the reasons 
 It was love at first sight for me!

Edgartown, known as one of New England's most elegant communities is simply breathtaking.
Lighthouse at the Harbor in Edgartown
Edgartown is an upscale little town on Martha's Vineyard,and known as one of New England's most elegant communities. Surrounded by gorgeous beachfront Colonial and Cape Cod style beach houses, Edgartown is home to author's and many wealthy vacationers whom own summer homes in this picturesque island town.  The beachfront homes in this quaint little town fronted by white porticos and porches are extensions of the home interiors, and their gardens are filled with gorgeous hydrangeas in every possible color.  

I fell in love with this beautiful Colonial style porch.  An extension of this massive mansion with a rotunda perfect for hosting parties of grand affair made this my very favorite home on the island.  I especially loved the white linen curtains with the bold forest green strips along the sides.  I can imagine myself sitting here reading my favorite book 
or hosting a perfect summer luncheon.

Here is a view looking in towards the porch of this stunning White Greek Revival House with a Colonial Flair...SIGH!
The dark black window shutters against the striking white of the home 
is simply icing on this beautiful "cake."

And here is this Majestic Beauty in all its Splendor!
A sight I could not keep my eyes off of.

The Greek Revival style is still very much a part of 
this upscale town's architecture.

These beauties are seen growing abundantly in Edgartown, 
and throughout the Vineyard... Simply Beautiful!

They come in all shades...

Beachfront Colonial with the Greek Revival era Portico...

This whimsical lemonade stand and hanging bench swing make this the Quintessential Martha's Vineyard porch.
Makes me want to start building a lemonade stand just like this for my daughter... 
hmmm, do I feel a project coming on?

This lovely garden entry is as picturesque as the home itself.

Pretty as a postcard...

The beauty of this perfect little white cottage is accentuated b
the bushel of white hydrangeas that fill the front planter...

A pretty white wooden fence, green wall planter, 
and simple metal wall lantern
 frame the front of this little white cottage entrance.

It is evident by the relaxed and homey look of this porch that
bringing the indoors out is the mentality of life on the Vineyard...
This was very much the case throughout Edgartown.

Accentuated by pretty little planters filled with cascading blooms, this quaint little cottage overlooking the water epitomizes the serenity and absolute perfection that is Edgartown.

I hope you've enjoyed taking this stroll through Edgartown.  By far, one of my favorite places on the Vineyard. 
Martha's Vineyard is simply stunning, and although this is just a snippet of what this most elegant and upscale island has to offer, I fell in love with Edgartown and wanted to share it with you.

This sign hanging from one of the cutest shops on the Vineyard could not be more accurate.  
 I completely agree that... Life is truly better on the Vineyard!



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  1. Wow! It looks so lovely. . . I wish I could visit! The houses and the flowers are so beautiful and welcoming!

  2. We have visited Cape Cod, have not been to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket. Thanks for giving me a little virtual tour.

  3. That looks absolutely dreamy! I'd love to go there. Thanks for showing us. :)

  4. Those homes are just beautiful from the mansions to the small cottage...gorgeous!