Friday, August 12, 2016

Mood Board/Inspiration Board/Design Board

Whether you choose to call it an Inspiration,Vision, Design, or Mood Board,
it all comes down to this...every design idea needs a plan.  You might think when I refer to "a plan"
that I'm referring to furniture placement, or paint color, but it is far more important that those two elements.
By a plan, I am referring to a design board. 
  Let's first define the term (that actually goes by many pseudo names). 

 Design Board/Mood Board, Inspiration Board: A type of "poster design" made up of images such as photographs, texts, and samples of materials used to create a visual display of a design concept as conceptualized by the designer upon consulting with their client and learning of the client's desired needs.

On a side note; It isn't uncommon for a designer to create more than one mood board for their client. Because the design needs of a client may not be solidly clear even to the client themselves, creating more than one mood board will allow the designer to present various concepts thereby giving the client more options to choose from.

So now you understand what a Design Board is, and why it is used.  Something you may not know is that 
a design board will not only serve as a blueprint for your design concept, but it can and most often than not,  will save you money on your overall design budget.  How you might ask?...Well, very much like a rough draft/sloppy copy of a school paper, a design board will keep you on track by allowing you to stay focused on what it is your overall design needs, what can be omitted, and what will make your space the most useful and functional for the desired purpose you have identified.  

As many of you know, I have been working on our Home Office Re-Do project.  However,
  With summer vacation travel, there has been slow progression, but once it is completed, I will post the reveal.
 Design Boards:
This is how I started the project; with a raw design board.  A simple board with cutouts that I created way back in April.   

 Once I secured my overall color palette and desired decor style,
I collected images of suitable pieces that complimented my decor style as well as the
functionality of the room.

Everything from furniture to artwork can be seen in this Design Board.

One advantage of being the designer in your own personal project, is that it gives one the opportunity to 
not only create this board, but to enhance it without needing a client's approval.

Once I secured that this in fact was my final design, I created a digital version of my Design Board that 
would allow me to take take it along while shopping. The ability to transport the entire room design via my phone or tablet was incredibly efficient..

There are numerous Design Board programs that designers tend to favor.  Finding 
the right program just depends on personal preference.  I started my layout by using 
a presentation program such as power point, and because of summer travel, I didn't have
time to transfer it to an actual design program.  Nonetheless, this worked out fine as I was able to 
view my design throughout my shopping ventures. And YES, I even took it on vacation in case.


So there you have it...A little background on the Design Board Concept.

I can't wait for this room to be completed so I can share it with all of my readers.

Have a great day!

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