Sunday, May 26, 2019


    • We are officially on summer break and I am ready for long days at the beach, travels, and absolutely no schedules.  One choice I’ve decided to make this summer is to unplug as much as possible especially from my home decor Instagram.  As amazing as those little squares are, it’s even more amazing to live in the moment and experience life in real time.  If you follow me on IG don’t worry...I will pop in from time to time to share little pieces of our summer with you, and I’ll pop in here for short summer posts...but for the most part I will be enjoying every single second with my sweet little family.  
I hope all of you have an amazing summer and hope you too take a little break from time to time to be present and enjoy life as it happens.

Happy Summer!  See you on Instagram in the fall!

Here is some summer inspiration



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