Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fresh Greens Place Setting & Guest Take Home Gift:

 Gifting my guests with a sweet little memento 
to remember cherished times at my dinner table is 
always part of my place settings...

I always enjoy giving my dinner guests a small gift token that is appropriate for the occasion.
whether it's an ornament placed at each place setting for each couple at our holiday party table, 
a tea towel at my ladies tea, or a bottle of olive oil at our Italian themed dinner party, these small
tokens are my personal way to make my guests feel extra special when they dine at my table.

In this post, I am sharing an aromatic and flavor filled guest gift that is not only practical, 
but it's gender neutral too. Keep reading to see what I came up with to go with this spring
 table place setting. 

The Place Setting:

Using fresh greens, I designed a simple spring setting.
My white Pottery Barn Hemstitch napkins are not only classic and elegant,
but they add texture to my table.  To incorporate added
texture, I tied the napkins with hemp twine.  

To complete the look and bring in color I wrapped fresh store bought 
 fresh greens around the tied napkin.  

The greens give this simple spring setting 
a feeling of freshness which is what I attribute when I think of spring. 


You know how much I love table linens, and my French Number Utensil Wrap
from my own collection (you can purchase by contacting me via Instagram)
were perfect for this simple place setting. 

The black number coordinates beautifully 
with my favorite black plates.

Sidenote: As I design my place settings, I create additional designs right on the spot.
Whether they become part of the finished design or not, I always snap a photo.  This is my way of 
utilizing my designs in multiple ways in future styling both for myself and my clients.

The styling of my soup spoon laid across my place setting might just pop up again in a future design for a ladies brunch or wedding shower.

In the lower photo, 
I added a mason jar with a striped paper straw. The added whimsy is perfect for a baby 
shower table or teacher luncheon.

My love for designing place settings is tied in with my passion for beautiful tables.
I take the utmost care and time into my table designs.  I feel this shows my guests
how much care and love I've put into creating a special space for them while they sit at my dinner table.

But, it doesn't end at the place setting for me.  Each time I host a gathering, I want my guests 
to remember the moment, the conversations, the laughter, and the people they shared time with at my table.  Years ago, I began designing special mementos to place at each setting for my guests to take home. Each token is tied in with the theme or occasion of  the gathering.  I take great care into what I design, and my main goal is to give something that my guests will want to use time and time again.  

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is to know how much they appreciate this special little touch.  The greatest of joys for me is when I visit my guests, and I see one of my dinner party mementos displayed in their home.  I love it!

Guest Take Home Gift:

As I mentioned previously, my guest mementos revolve
around the overall theme of my dinner party table.  For this spring place setting,
I opted for a gift that exudes what the season is all about.  

When I think of spring, I think of 
fresh leaves on a tree, pretty new blooms on a stem, and a fresh new scent in the air.  Spring is all about natural fresh aromas, so I wanted to incorporate that into my guest gift design.

As I pondered on ideas of what I would design I instantly knew the perfect guest gift would 
be one that is fresh and filled with aroma, and one that my guests would not only appreciate, but one they will be excited to use.

My Fresh Spice Vile Guest Take Home Gifts...
Who doesn't love fresh spices?!  My spice vile guest gifts are sure to enhance the taste palette of every guest at my spring table.  And let's talk about how cute they look on my 
  fresh greens spring place setting!

So take a look at how I designed this special little memento that
will sure be useful in my guest's kitchens.  And, every time they use it
they will be reminded of a great time shared around my dining table.

I poured fresh herb spices into glass cork top viles. 
I threaded a mini name tag onto a hemp twine string and wrapped the twine several times around the vile
securing it with a plain knot.  


I labeled each tag with the name 
of the spice and that's all it took 
in creating these adorable and very
useful guest take home gifts.


I placed a random spice vile at each place setting...however, I want my guest gifts to be something my guests will actually use, so in the event of allergies to a specific spice or simply personal taste preference, I will have duplicates should my guests want to switch their vile with a different one.





Pretty packaging always catches the eye of the recipient.  

And who says the hostess can't have her own little stash...
 How cute will these adorable spice viles look in my kitchen?!

Thanks for stopping by the blog and reading all about

how I designed these fresh spice/herb guest take home gifts.

 They look beautiful layered over my fresh greens place setting!

I can't wait to gift my guests one of these sweet little viles at my next dinner party!



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