Monday, February 12, 2018

Dressing the console table for spring...

I'm sure like me, you too have a piece of furniture in your home
that lends itself to numerous changes throughout the year.
 For me that piece is our console table.  

In our previous home, this piece was a staple in our family room.
Here in the new house, she sits alone in the living room waiting to find out her destiny.

Since we moved into our new home seven months ago, we made a conscious effort not 
to rush on purchasing furniture; the reason being is that we want to ensure that the pieces 
we purchase are ones we absolutely LOVE, and not ones we are simply settling for.  

In our previous home, this console table was a piece I absolutely considered a decor staple, and one that would not be going anywhere EVER!!!!  Here in the new house, I'm not so sure.  You see, 
my design style has changed a bit (not a drastic change), and I am just not quite sure this piece will be sticking around.  So, for now, I am having fun styling her any way I can in the event her days with us are numbered! :) 

I am a minimalist in some ways, but for this design, I just went for it.  There's a lot going on 
in this vignette, but it all works together well so I was happy with the overall design.

Here's a little back story about the shabby picture frame that became the focal point of this design.
The picture frame actually held my hubby's professional Bar Mitzvah portrait.  However, I don't think a thirteen year old prepubescent, brace face teenage boy portrait is what either of us had in mind when we considered wall decor for the new house.  So, out came the portrait (don't worry, it's tucked away in the memory bin), and out came the white chalk paint to give the frame a farmhousey touch.

I layered the frame by leaning it up against my Nantucket Farmer's Market sign, and I instantly had a focal point for my design.  I like the intentional showcasing of the parts of the sign I actually wanted visible inside the frame..."MARKET OPEN 7 DAYS 3 miles"

 Chunky candlesticks and round pillar candles
atop a turned over wood crate elevate the design...
Wood decor beads in their natural state draped
over the crate add texture and dimension.

One of the staple decor pieces I can't do without are wood boxes and crates.
I just love the timeless essence they hold, and they can be dressed up or down 
in my styling.

Here, I've turned over this wood box that once held expensive signature gourmet charcuterie
goods.  By turning it over I instantly have a platform to display the pieces
 (like these white candle holders) which highlight my vignette.

Our homes don't have to be bare while we wait 
for our spring gardens to bloom... Here, I am using fresh
greenery branches from Trader Joe's to bring a natural element into the design.
These branches also add the right amount of color to an already neutral vignette.
I love how their dark green leaves pop against the white ceramic vase.

Counter to the natural branches, I used faux spring blooms in a lighter shade of green on the opposite side of the console table.  

The mix of colors imitates a real spring garden.

 Incorporating texture in as many ways as I can is important to me
 when styling my home.  I like my home to feel warm and inviting, and I feel 
bringing in textiles allows me to create not only a well dressed home, but one that 
has substance within its decor.  

 This tall round basket offers the perfect storage receptacle for
holding these beautiful and soft white pillows.  

Placed in front of the console table and not
hidden away in a corner of the room, allows for it
to become a featured decor element in this design.

My DIY Book Page spring Banner from last year not only welcomes
 the new season, but creates a little whimsy in the design.

The banner brings added texture via its old book pages,
metallic gold letters, and hemp twine string.  The off white pages
pick up the natural color of the decor beads in the background. 

 And here is the console table all dressed up for spring... for now that is.
I am sure shes' going to change from here until spring arrives quite a few times.

Not sure what the future holds for this beautiful table once we decide on the furniture choice for this room, but one thing is for sure, she sure makes any style decor I dress her with look fabulous!

Have a beautiful week sweet friends!


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