Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Farmhouse Guest Bedroom

The Farmhouse Guest Room... Design Board

This past summer, I repainted our spare bedroom
in classic white.  The idea was to create a blank canvas
that will allow me to change up the room decor and design
without having to repaint the walls each time.

We've decided to designate its use as a 
guestroom.  In recent years, the room has been
our home office, and prior to that it was our 
daughter's playroom.  Now, it's time to transform it back
to its official status as a guest bedroom which
was its intended purpose when we purchased our home.

Because the white walls are perfect 
for creating that clean farmhouse feel,
I will bring color and texture to them by adding
wood signs, and baskets,wire crates, and utility tables as nightstands.
Adding texture to a room will bring warmth and life to the overall space.

Anytime I am redoing a space, I create a design board in order to keep 
me focused and on task.  I've learned that a design board allows me two things primarily:
First, a design board makes it more time effective when shopping.  Having a blueprint of my
intended design, keeps me from deviating away from what I've set fort to do therefore
keeping me on track when shopping for the room.  And secondly, the design board 
concept has proven to be cost effective for me in that I know far in advance what each item 
will cost and therefore I can maintain a set budget when out shopping for pieces.

I design two types of boards:  A visual board with cutouts and do the old fashion cut and paste.
I tape the board to the designated space, and refer to it as I am putting the room together.
The second board I create is a digital one (like the one you see here).  The digital board enables me 
to carry it with me on my ipad or phone when I'm out shopping for the items for the space. 

Here is an example of how I put together a design board when decorating/re doing a space.This is not the actual design of our Farmhouse Guest Room, as I am saving that reveal for a future post.



Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Breakfast Nook Tour...

It's Christmas time, and we are all in full decor mode.
Our IG's are filled with gorgeous holiday inspiration.  Our mantels are dressed with garlands, 
and our holiday table is dressed in holiday cheer. 

It's always fun to decorate our homes for the holidays, but who says
we have to limit our seasonal decor.  Why not spread holiday cheer in all areas of our home
so that each time we walk into a room we are received with beautiful reminders of the most wonderful time of the year!

Here is a little Christmas Tour of my breakfast nook dressed for the holidays.  

 A three tiered DESSERT STAND awaits yummy Christmas treats
and acts as the main centerpiece for the dinette table.

 A fluffy holiday red yarn ball ADORNS the top of the server stand...

These cute little Nutcracker ORNAMENTS were a craft store after CHRISTMAS 
clearance rack purchase last year, and they make the perfect place setting decor,
 and can even be used as guest holiday PARTY FAVORS.

Creating a fun little HOLIDAY treat station is easyHere, I've 
used a mix of containers to display and store Holiday treats 
that are easily accessible for grab and go or to embellish
your cup of HOT COCOA. 

I am slightly obsessed...ok, perhaps REALLY obssessed
with my new SANTA MUGS.  The perfect addition to
my hot cocoa station. I purchased a set of four.  How
cute do they look adorning my breakfast nook buffet hutch!

And who needs a red elf to adorn a shelf...  A little red CHRISTMAS BAUBLE atop white dessert plates
 and a lightly frosted PINECONE bring a little Christmas fun 
to this little shelf.


 Here is the completed design of
how I brought CHRISTMAS CHEER 
into our breakfast nook.

Happy Holidays to all!
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Oh Christmas TREEEEES

Growing up, Christmas decorating was one of the most fun parts of 
The holiday season...And, I can honestly say that nothing has changed, for me that is.
I vividly recall my mom bringing in the decor bins, and my little brother and I getting giddy
with garland and twinkly lights.
Very much as I did when I was a little girl,
I still get giddy when my hubby hauls the decor bins
from the garage and into the house.  
Holiday decorating typically begins the Saturday following Thanksgiving.
 However, now that I am an interior stylist and have to keep my social media
decor accounts up to date with the trends, I start setting up holiday vignettes 
even a few days before Thanksgiving.  

I don't typically follow the red and green trend in holiday decor.  I normally
lean towards the muted golds and silvers, and of course a lot of winter white.
Something about the Christmas lights bouncing off gold and silver accents 
that creates a magical glow throughout my home that I just simply adore.
A couple of years ago however, my daughter asked if we could bring a little color to the 
tree...and as much as I hesitated, I realized that she wanted a more whimsical tree than 
what my fancy silver and gold ornaments were emitting.  So, I happily obliged and we filled 
the tree with a combination of my muted metallics and her red and green whimsy goodies... And to 
my surprise, I actually love the tree even more this way.  And the best part is, I still managed to keep my metallic decor intact throughout other areas of the house.  
A new tradition has emerged however....
ONE tree, TWO trees, Three Trees...FOUR????
It all started with my "Scrawny Christmas Tree"...That's what I named a 25.00 faux tree
I picked up a few years ago.  I had the idea of a second tree that year, and I knew exactly where it would go. And from the store, into the car, and into our foyer it went.
 I instantly brainstormed the perfect theme...and French it was.  I quickly went to work to create handmade paper ornaments that would resemble old vintage french decor.  I aged paper and fan folded paper until I came up with unique French style ornaments for what became known as my French Style Tree.  I even used mason jar lids wrapped in toile fabric to create circular hanging ornaments.  My favorites are the little musical note paper ornaments I created using old sheet music.  I am happy to report that "Scrawny Christmas" has become a staple tree in our foyer ever since.
BUT...it doesn't end there.  As if two trees were not enough, the following year, I came up with a brilliant idea!  What about a thematic dining room Christmas tree?? And after a most amazing summer vacation in New England, hence, my thematic New England dining room tree was born.   
And what a tree it was.  From lobster traps designed using craft store mini crates, to fisherman nets, I had the most visually pleasing New England tree there ever was!

For pictures and to read about the design of New England themed Tree,
 read post dated 11/20/14
And the year after, my New York City themed tree was born.  From Broadway playbills to a replica of the Waterford crystal ball at Times Square on New Year's Eve as the tree topper, this tree had NYC written all over it!  However, I can't take credit for that replica Waterford ball...as that was the brilliant idea of my sweet hubby.  He actually nailed the tree topper idea, and it was the talk of many gatherings that holiday season.

For pictures and to read about the design of my New York City themed Tree,
 read post dated 12/24/14