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Maddiebella Home : Every day decor- Farmhouse Table Styling & Design...

Maddiebella Home : Every day decor- Farmhouse Table Styling & Design...:  Styling your dining table isn't just for Dinner Parties... When it comes to tablescaping, we often  wait for a special occasion ...

Every day decor- Farmhouse Table Styling & Designer's Note Pad Series

 Styling your dining table isn't just for Dinner Parties...

When it comes to tablescaping, we often 
wait for a special occasion to create tables that our guests love.
But, why not style our tables as we would any other part of our home
so that we can enjoy pieces that we normally would only bring out when entertaining.

Of course, when hosting a dinner party, 
my tablescape is more involved for lack of a better word. 
The reason for this is that I set out goblets and glasses, silverware, 
place cards, and gust take home gifts/favors.

The difference when styling my dining table for aesthetics is much simpler
than when hosting a dinner party, and quite frankly, less stressful that's for sure!

So don't wait for a special occasion to style your table.
Create a beautiful table setting that you will enjoy just for yourself 
as you would any other beautifully styled space in your every day decor.

Several of the following photographs of my Farmhouse Dining Table
contain easy tips on how to create a fuss free table for your everyday styling. 
These shots will consist of notes directly on the photograph.  I have named
this feature, DESIGNER'S NOTE get out your design notebook and jot
down a few notes from the pointers below...

 Farmhouse Tablescape...

 The overall Farmhouse style of table design is enhanced by whites and creams, as well as by texture via textiles, woods, and glass.

Angled view...

Designer's  Note Pad:
 1. Use white caterer's plates
They are timeless and versatile pieces that coordinate with any table decor.
2. Creating a Rustic Vibe
 Use wood planks as platforms to elevate your centerpiece. 
Place your centerpiece inside a wooden box for a dramatic, unrefined effect.
Use Mason Jars to place silverware for a more untamed and informal rustic touch.


 Closer Look....

 Designer's Note Pad:

Lighting is crucial when entertaining... and if entertaining during the day, I opt for as much natural light as possible.
For a dinner party, the glow from a chandelier, candles,  and/or buffet lamps creates an elegant atmosphere.  

Because as I mentioned above, I solely designed this table
as part of my everyday decor, I didn't need specific lighting.  However, because it was an overcast day, I used mason jar candles inside my rustic wooden box to create a warm soft glow throughout my dining space.  

                                                                                        Designer's Note Pad:

Stack dishes and bowls to create dimension and the illusion of space especially if your dining table doesn't have a whole lot of room.  Stacking these bowls on my Farmhouse table also accentuates the informal rustic vibe I was going for.

Elevate dishes and bowls- Use platforms as in this 
mini cake stand to bring height to your table while freeing up space for other mealtime essentials (when entertaining), as well as in the large cakes stand to bring height to your centerpiece.

View from above...

                                                                                      Designer's Note Pad:

In a formal setting, linens should be kept formal, and placed on the table near the place setting.  In an informal setting, anything goes.  Here, I opted to use new tea towels as napkins, and draped them over the chairs.  Always allow your design to remain cohesive, and the draped towel turned napkin gives off a rustic vibe without appearing stuffy or out of place, perfect for this Farmhouse table.

          In home design and styling, Thinking Outside The Box is key.        
    Originality and creativity open the door to innovative designs that create
                 one's signature style as a designer; and compromising that ability is a waste of one's talents.                                                             
                                                                                                              Designer's Note Pad:
    In this particular tablescape, I used a textile rug as a table runner.  The woven rug with fringed edges cohesively work with the overall design of the Farmhouse Style. This is an example of not limiting your designs to fit what is considered the "norm."  Going Outside the Box is what brings originality to one's work and allows others to immediately spot your work from the bunches.  *** And, as a side note... How stinking cute is that little rug turned table runner?!!

And there you have it..
I hope you enjoyed this new little course in Styling your home for everyday enjoyment.
 And....if you took notes, I'm 100% certain you will get an A+ the next time you style your dining table!  

Happy Styling,


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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Laundry Room Styling Tips:

Laundry Room Styling Tips

Let's be honest, who truly enjoys doing laundry, right?!
However, don't despair... because I have a solution to help you 
with your laundry day blues.

 Style your laundry room as you would any other room in your home;
 The prettier, the better!  When a room is beautifully styled it makes walking into it a lot
more enjoyable (YES, even the laundry room).

Follow the easy tips below to make your laundry room a space you'll feel happy to step into.

1. Use glass vessels, containers, and baskets to beautifully store and display laundry 

 2. Hang a pretty sign to identify your space.

 3. Use large wicker baskets to store folded laundry (only use plastic laundry baskets for hauling dirty     to the laundry room).

 4. Set out dryer sheets on a tray for a scented aroma each time you walk past.


5. Adding some decorative touches in your preferred  style softens the space and creates a fluid extension of your homes overall decor.

6. And....a little music playing in the background will set the mood and transform your laundry duties from a dreaded chore into a cheerful task.

Here's a little recap gallery of my laundry room styling




Happy Laundry day!


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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Transform your Master Bathroom into a Spa Retreat...

We busy moms often find little time for pampering ourselves let alone
taking a spa getaway.  Between our kid's school schedules, their extracurricular activities, 
and driving them to and from hangouts with friends, we are pretty much exhausted to make any plans for ourselves come the weekend.  And as enticing as a spa day on the weekend sounds, it's yet another thing we have to schedule, and it's often just too overwhelming a task to coordinate.

But, don't lose hope...If you simply don't have the time to make it to the spa then why not bring the spa to you!  If you are skeptical, keep reading, and see how easy it is to transform your master bathroom into a spa retreat that will keep you coming back each weekend, and the best part is it won't cost you a dime!

I will begin with photos of how I transformed my master bathroom retreat into
my very own personal Spa...And then I will follow with pictures and tips on how to create 
your very own spa right in your own master bath, so make sure to read all the way through for some great tips!


*******       *******        *******

Here are some tips on how to transform your master bathroom into a home spa retreat:


Begin with your spa essentials...
That means, a cozy robe and comfy slippers...
The robe is my own, and these comfy slippers are 
from one of our favorite local get away spots.
                                              (The Terranea Resort: A five star Beach Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes)

 Next, gather some of your favorite 
bath products, or whatever you have on hand.  
Here I gathered some hotel soaps, and some products my daughter gave me for Christmas.  
There is no rule...whatever smells good and makes your body feel smooth and relaxed.

BATH SALTS are essential...
 Here, I have some Lavender bath salts which happen to 
be my favorite, but you can certainly use the scent of your choice. 
 I also add face masks, lip, and hand scrubs
 for a full on spa treatment effect.

 Create the Mood:
Burning a calming spa candle 
will allow you to create a relaxing ambiance.

Fluffy Towels:
Keep fluffy rolled up hand and face towels at reach
for easy access when wiping off hand scrubs and face masks. 

Using your device to play relaxing music will help create a calming environment. 
( YouTube)

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your very own private spa right in your master bath. 

Happy Pampering!