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Winter Decorating that mixes in with your existing style: Keeping it cohesive and true to your decor...

Back in one of my December posts, 
I wrote about how important it was for me to create holiday styling that would 
easily transition well into the winter months.  Especially after the holidays when we 
are exhausted from all of the planning, entertaining, set up and break down of holiday decor,
finding an easy transition as the new year rolls around is a peaceful and stress free reprieve from 
all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the holidays themselves.

For me it was simple, keep it natural and cohesive with my existing decor.  And that is 
exactly what I did.  I designed a fuss free style that goes well with the Rustic-Farmhouse
style of my home.

In the following photographs you will see how I kept things organic in order to keep from
interrupting or compromising my overall home style, and allowing me to ease into the new year with little worry of over-styling after having come off the set up and break down of holiday decor.

 Once I cleared all holiday decor, I brought back staple pieces that 
are consistently part of my design.  In the dining room buffet especially, 
those included my white dishes and pitchers, wooden boxes, glass and galvanized elements just to name a few.  Once those pertinent pieces were brought back, I inserted new pieces into the design like my new #HearthandHandwithmagnolia striped napkins and the wood pedestal from the same line which happened to be a Christmas present from my mom.  

 In addition to the pieces on the buffet hutch, our Rustic-Farmhouse dining table
is adorned with my beautiful new Farmer's plate rack from @antiquefarmhouse.  The 
winter white plates are not only displayed, but they lend themselves well to the design for the season.

The green olive shrubs are placed in white pots from@IKEA and also coordinate with the winter white motif I am aiming for.  Adding greenery whether real or faux is appropriate in any season.

The use of texture is very important in my decor,
because I feel it brings my designs to life by
adding dimension to my styling. 

With the use of textures, my designs don't appear flat.
Instead, they are dimensional and lend themselves to the sense of
sight and touch.  This vintage drawer I picked up at my local
antique mart adds that exact amount of depth to my dining room hutch.  
Paired with my vintage bottles (I've collected over the yeras), they 
fill the space with substance by creating height, and depth to the buffet top.

In this design, I've used various textures in form of glass, wood, and galvanized metal.
Mixing textures keeps the design from looking boring.  

(**Too much repetition of one specific texture will make our design look boring and predictable.)

On the dining table, I've brought more of the glass, wood and greener.
I've also added additional texture by bringing in
a chippy Farmhouse wire plate rack, white dishes and white wax candles 
on chunky white wooden candlesticks.  So the added mix of new textured elements
prevents the design from becoming boring and repetitive as I mentioned above.

The focal point of the table decor is this vintage silverware 
tray that I picked up from my local antique mart... 
The raw wood compliments the rustic farmhouse table 
and beautifully displays these gorgeous family heirloom pieces
that once belonged to my husband's late grandmother.

 Texture is also visible in the rolled up linen dish towels 
tucked inside one of the tray slots. I like the pop of color 
the green stripes add to the wood piece.

Giving attention to hidden spaces...

Because winter is all about staying warm and layering, 
I took advantage of the wide window sill of our dining room window
and styled it with a GATHER sign from my own collection and draped
a farmhouse towel over it for that layering effect.  I loved the idea of 
using this extra space to display some of my beautiful decor pieces so I 
know I will be dressing up this spot in my future styling. So, don't 
neglect those little nooks in your home, style them and give them 
the spotlight.

The winter Console Table...
Candles are a staple in my decorating all year long,
but there is something about candlelight during
winter nights that just adds a bit more "cozy"
into the mix. 

On the not yet furnished living room sits the console
table from our previous home, and of course I had to style her
even though there is nothing else in this room at this very moment.

I wanted a warm vignette of woods and whites to bring a soft
touch of winter to the space for the time being.  I've incorporated
a wood box, wood cubby, and a wood caddy all in a cognac brown to warm up the dark table. 

 To soften the design up a bit, my creamy Nantucvket Farmer's Market sign 
(from my own collection) grounds the vignette. In addition, the white candles
in tall glass vessels add a wintery vibe to the overall design and help create a warm and inviting
glow to the space especially when they are lighted at night.

The upstairs Linen Closet

Bringing a little winter warmth to the upstairs linen closet was simple and it took minimal styling to achieve a warm and cozy vibe in this intimate space.

 Chunky white pillar candle holders, a faux white bouquet of Peonies, and a small bushel of faux greenery paired with a couple of Farmhouse signs give this space eye appeal and pretties up the upstairs catwalk.


The blending of the dark greenery and Farmhouse wood sign are rich in texture and warm up the space just perfectly.

Wrap up:
If you notice from these pictures,
I created a simple and natural style that doesn't overwhelm and is cohesive with 
the existing decor in the rest of the space.  It is natural  I used and combined textures
that work well together and utilized unconventional areas within the architecture of
my home that would normally go unnoticed. 

About my design:

I wanted my winter decor not only to be fuss free, but I wanted to keep things simple and calm.
I aimed for a design that is and warm as it's a season where there seems to be 
a "stillness" in the air that exudes tranquility while wildlife and and nature sleep until 
they awake in spring. 


Stay cozy my friends and enjoy your winter decorating!

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