Thursday, December 7, 2017

Styling my Pretty Little Farmhouse #Hearthandhand with Magnolia napkins for the holidays...

Most of you know how much I love beautiful linens and textiles.
I am that girl who prior to going on vacation, I 
research local linen shops in the country, or island
I will be visiting.  And yes, I did the very same thing prior
to setting off to our honeymoon on St. John! And needless to say,
I still enjoy every piece we purchased on our honeymoon sixteen years ago!

When the #hearthandhand with Magnolia line opened at Target 
last month, my daughter and I woke up early to 
be among the first customers to shop the new line.
Before looking at anything else, I quickly scanned 
for textiles and linens.   And Lo and Behold, I stopped 
straight in my tracks when my eyes came across the adorable
set of beautiful cotton striped dinner napkins.  I couldn't grab them 
fast enough.  

There faded stripes give off a vintage Farmhouse look which 
goes beautifully with my neutral Christmas Rustic-Glam decor this year!
It's no secret that I will be styling these pretties in many different ways 
on my various tablescapes throughout the new year!


Here are three simple ways I've styled them for the holidays.

The Rustic-Glam Christmas Dining room decor this year.

  When not in use, I stack them on extra dinner plates on the buffet hutch.
 They look just as pretty as decor as they do when on the dinner plate...

I plan on styling them together with the small bowls from the same line
as they compliment one another perfectly.

 The ability to dress them up or down is what I love 
most about this napkin style.

 The first design I chose to go with gives 
the napkins a bit of glam.  I've paired them with black and silver
ribbons and added a sparkly holiday bauble to add that bit of
Christmas magic to the setting.

  The fold I've used is one that creates
a layered look by tucking the napkin within itself around the plate.  
This look gives dimension and warmth to the overall place setting.

This particular design is reminiscent of a 
gift waiting to be unwrapped by my dinner guests.


The double layered ribbons in contrasting colors
enhance the color palette of the napkin.

The natural beauty of these napkins is what attracted me to them instantly.

Elegance in its simplest forms...

The versatility of these Farmhouse napkins will allow me to
 utilize them in various ways when designing my place settings.

While the first design depicts more of the GLAM style in my 
Christmas dining room, this second design leans more towards the rustic.

The napkin is folded vertically( the long way) and lays flat underneath the plate. 

 A rustic paper tag with a written Christmas message slipped through a dark 
silver ribbon adds texture as well as some Holiday Cheer! 

 The rustic Farmhouse design shines through with very little fuss, while the napkin itself acts as a place mat for added texture.

In the third design, once again we are able to 
see the versatility of the #hearthandhand cotton napkin.

In this design, I've opted for more of a cocktail hour look.
I've placed the napkin inside a wine goblet making it 
functional for guests to take and place over their
lap while enjoying before dinner cocktails and appetizers.

However, this design also lends itself to being used at the the dinner table simply by adding a few 
touches for aesthetics.   I've transformed the cocktail napkin 
into a dinner place setting by adding a black ribbon and shimmery bauble.

Whether used at cocktail hour or at dinner, the napkin transitions beautifully from occasion to occasion.


Finding versatile linens and textiles is something I'm always 
in search of.  Not only do versatile linens allow me to create various designs,but
they also allow me to transform them in different ways thereby keeping them from being placed into a drawer and forgotten. 

 These adorable #hearthandhand napkins will allow me to continue pulling them out throughout the year, and they might just never go into my linen drawer at all.

I hope you've enjoyed the looks I've put together using MY #hearthandhand striped cotton napkins, and I hope you are inspired to find various ways to style your table linens and textiles as well.



 AS I finished this blog post, one more style came to mind, 
and I had to create it right away.  Here's a behind the scenes look 
of the last minute design.
 And here is yet one more styled look that these adorable 
napkins allowed me to achieve.  Another rustic design
using a small sized grape wreath, tartan holiday ribbon, and a wood 
Stagg ornament that acts not only as a place card, but as a guest take home gift.
The rustic additions in the grape wreath and wood ornament
would work well with a Christmas in the Woods thematic table.
The Tartan ribbon gives off the spirit of the holiday season as well
as adds color to the neutral textile.

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