Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Black and White Whimsy Halloween...

When it comes to Halloween decor, you won't see me strolling down 
the scary, spooky isle at the decor store; Oh no!!!, this girl gravitates more
towards the whimsy side of Halloween.  

Perhaps it's the kindergarten teacher in me that likes to keep 
Halloween decor fun, and yes I will admit maybe even a little pretty!!

I'm also not a fan of the typical orange and black combination of the 
Halloween palette, so I omit the orange, and stick to the more neutral
blacks and whites in order to bring a cohesive design that more often than 
not blends quite well with my existing home decor.
My Halloween decorating rule consists of two main factors.
  I keep it simple, and I maintain a whimsical theme.
Here are a few examples of how I create a whimsy Halloween around my home.
 But, whichever style you choose for Halloween, whether scary or whimsical, just remember to have fun!
Happy Halloween to all!
Black & White Whimsy place setting...
 If entertaining this Halloween, consider a place setting that doesn't overwhelm or make your table  decor appear too cluttered. 
 Here, I've paired a set of silverware wrapped in white denim fabric, atop simple white caterer's plate.  I used a matte black ribbon to give the fabric a little contrast, and loosely tied the same ribbon around a mason jar filled with extra silverware.  
For the whimsical touch, I incorporated a white faux pumpkin, some spider web, a wood block October sign (MaddiebellaHome Etsy shop), and tucked a little chalkboard with the words BOO on it for that Spooky- Whimsy effect.
 The Halloween Coffee Table...
 Because our family room mantle is the main focal point in the room, 
I didn't want to over do Halloween decor in the space.  So, I opted to 
add subtle Halloween touches on my coffee table to my existing fall decor.
Bringing in a faux white pumpkin that I picked up at the craft store, and placing 
a DIY "Spooky Potions" books that I wrapped in white fabric along with a little 
ghostly Halloween water globe keeps the coffee table decor simple, and allows
the eye to gravitate towards the mantle.
The mantle...

 These printed decor store pumpkins that I purchased a couple of years back, 
coordinate nicely with the overall black & white color palette, and maintain 
the whimsical style I was aiming for. Wrapping them in faux spider webbing 
gives them that "spooky" Halloween touch.

Whimsical Halloween wood art...
My DIY Halloween BOO wood block 
covered in faux webbing adds a little fun to the mantle, 
and actually fits perfectly on my narrow mantle ledge.
 Consider taking a stab at a little wood art of your own.  
It doesn't have to be perfect, but will add a personal touch to your decor.
 Whimsical Black & White Halloween Mantle...
Nothing fancy or over the top here.  A simple mantle design that incorporates
my chosen color palette, and has that added whimsy in it's design by adding pieces
that are more fun than scary-spooky. 
So, don't let the mantle sign fool you...
 My "SPOOKY' mantle is merely a vision of your imagination.  WAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!

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