Thursday, October 20, 2016

Neutral fall Decor: Here's how I do it.

I enjoy decorating for all seasons,
but I can't lie...I'm not always a fan of the colors of fall.
I am just not an orange kind of girl!  
 While I enjoy decorating for fall, I tend do gravitate to a more
neutral color palette in my styling.  

In this post, I am sharing how I've used a neutral 
palette in my fall styling this year. I am also sharing the materials used, as well as how I put each vignette together.   I hope this short little post gives you the 
freedom to go outside the box when decorating your home for fall.

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About the design:
 Using these small ghost pumpkins from the grocery store,
I was able to create a natural vignette that combined with 
a rustic crate and creamy colored faux hydrangea bundle makes
the perfect fall centerpiece for any table.
An old wicker tray
Store bought pumpkins
faux hydrangea bundle (or use any neutral floral of your choice) 
A thrift store crate (which I painted the word FARM on)

How I did it:
Using stencils, I painted the word FARM on my rustic crate.
I placed a flower pot inside the crate to elevate the design, and placed a small bundle
of store bought faux hydrangeas inside the flower pot.
I stacked the small pumpkins alongside the left side of the tray to give more height to the vignette 
while adding natural texture to the overall design.

 A few little changes create a whole new vignette

  In the following picture, I incorporated one of my
MaddiebellaHome Etsy shop month signs to give this vignette
a different look.

***  ***

About the Design:
 Using the a combination of real store bought 
ghost pumpkins in varying sizes and the same rustic 
crate as in the pictures above, a painted mason jar and faux 
hydrangea bundle, a cozy throw, and one of my new favorite 
magazine, I crated a fall centerpiece that combines 
neutral and rustic just perfectly.

I call this one, "rustically neutral..."

store bought ghost pumpkins in varying sizes
mason jar 
faux florals
comfy throw
magazine (or seasonal book of your choice)

How I did it:

I stacked my ghosts pumpkins inside the crate  by allowing the smaller ones to sit at the top.  

I painted a glass mason jar using chalk paint, and gave it a creamy white hue
 to add to the rustic neutral feel I was going for.

I  placed a small faux floral bundle inside my mason jar, and placed the jar
behind the crate to give the design some visual dimension.

I added a favorite magazine, and added a throw to 
give the design a cozy fall touch. 
I placed the crate on the floor in front of my blanket ladder (not visible in picture) to bring life
to a corner in our entry way.

About the Design:
A collection of white pumpkins on a rustic wicker tray with additional 
white pieces complete this neutral fall vignette.  I created an elongated
centerpiece for our family room console table, by extending the design
away from the tray. The MaddiebellaHome Etsy shop wood sign 
creates a backdrop that recaps what fall is all about.

 A combination of grocery (real) and craft store (faux) ghost pumpkins

wicker tray
painted mason jars
a tall white pitcher
faux yellow blooms
additional grocery store ghost pumpkins in miniature version
a GATHER wood sign

  How I did it: 
 I gathered a collection of store craft store and real ghost pumpkins in varying sizes.
I placed the larger pumpkins towards the back of the tray, and placed four medium 
sized real pumpkins in front. 
I painted two mason jars in a creamy white color, and placed one on the tray, and one 
next outside the tray.  A cluster of mini grocery store ghost pumpkins are stacked
to the side of the tray, and a tall white pitcher/vase holding soft yellow blooms
is brought it to add height to this elongated design.  To complete the overall design, 
I added  a wood GATHER sign as the backdrop to the console table vignette.

And there you have it,a few simple ways to create a neutral fall decor in your home as well.

I truly hope you find inspiration by following my simple guide on how to bring "neutral fall" to your 
seasonal decorating.

Happy Fall!!!



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