Monday, October 10, 2016

FarmHouse Fall...

Well, aside from the summer like weather we've been having here in SO Cal, 
the calendar insists it's fall.  I can't lie, it's not easy to style the house with fall decor
when it's blistering hot outside. But, like a good stylist, I just pretend the leaves 
are falling and the air is brisk...and so, to work I go transforming my home into a fall dream.

***  ***
This year, I opted to veer away from the typical fall colors and create a more neutral palette.
Because lately, I've been leaning more towards the Farmhouse style decor, I decided to create a Farmhouse fall look throughout my home.

 I love white decor, and creamy whites are my favorite... So, I incorporated
 creamy white pumpkins (that I painted myself) as well as painted mason jars, and displayed
them in various vignettes throughout my home.  

In this vignette, the creamy whites blend in nicely with the the rustic Farmhouse woods in the crate and beads...

I designed sweater pumpkins that I am currently 
selling in my Etsy shop.  I incorporated the pumpkins in my Farmhouse fall decor to add texture and volume to the overall design.  Texture is important in my decor, because I feel it brings the design to life in a sense.

 Again, texture is represented in these store bought velvet fabric pumpkins.  Their subtle colors 
blend in well with the Farmhouse fall style, and add continual volume in the design. As seen in the background, height is achieved by placing a sweater fabric pumpkin atop a stack of wrapped books in order to give this flat display some added visual depth perecption.  

 For more texture, I wrapped this set of books in gray 
yarn and attached a  floral embellishment to give it a vintage touch.  The sweater pumpkin is treated
 to the same design with a coordinating floral embellishment that hosts a sparkly floral center for some added sophistication and a little bling of course!

I brought texture to this entry way chair
by draping a cozy wool winter scarf and securing it with a drapery tassel.

The mantel is always one of my favorite pieces to style...
Here, I opted to keep the design simple by letting the ornate mantel apron 
stand out as part of the overall design.  I added one of my Etsy store Farmhouse signs, 
and HOME banner to complete the look.  Vintage silver candle holders hold tapered rice paper candles at each end.

Equally as important and a sure focal point in our home is our
dining room buffet. Because the dining room is the place where we 
hosts dinners and entertain family and  friends, the buffet decor is very important to me.
Here, I have created a black and creamy white Farmhouse display.  Wood signs from my Etsy shop 
were added to create layering to the buffet top, and a Farm House banner also from my Etsy shop
frames the chalkboard front.  I love displaying vintage family heirloom silverware in my vignettes, and here I have placed a mix of pieces into a medium sized mason jar as well as tied a small set with a milky white silk bow.  The white Pottery Barn three tiered server is  perfect for displaying my favorite little while ghost pumpkins, and it's a practical serving piece for holding pastries when we entertain guests. The EAT plate wraps are available in my Etsy shop and complete the look of my Fall Farmhouse Dining Room Buffet.


 The family room console table is always fun to style.
The dark almost black wood tone of the piece is perfect 
for this Farmhouse Fall decor, because it allows the creamy whites
to pop and make a bold statement on their own.  
 The focal point of the console table decor is 
this 42 x42 hand painted piece that I designed.
I  am obsessed with this sign, and I can already tell you
it will stay around long after fall has gone.  I'm already thinking of 
adding some white twinkly lights to it for the holidays.

***   ***
In addition to the wood sign, the console table is styled with
books wrapped in plain brown paper, some Boho beads from my Etsy shop, 
one of the sweater pumpkins also from the shop, and a few other little 
touches that just make me want to stand here and stare at this table decor all day!

*** ***
I am loving the change of color palette this year. Perhaps the best part of going with the Farmhouse Fall style is that it blends in well with my existing decor color palette, therefore making transitioning from fall to winter will not entail a design overhaul.

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of my Farmhouse Fall decor, and are inspired to veer from the traditional when styling your home for the seasons.

Happy Fall!!



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