Saturday, July 9, 2016

Re-Doing a Room in your Home? Make sure you have a PLAN, PLAN, PLAN...

Let's face it, as fun as redoing a room in one's home is, 
it can be equally stressful.  For many, the task can become 
so ominous that the redoing process often ends with the room being 
repainted and nothing more.

I have had friends and clients tell me that they've started a room re-do
only to completely become overwhelmed, and they end up putting everything they've taken
out of the room right back in and the project was completely forgotten.

There is a simple answer to why someone would become so overwhelmed
and cancel the re-do project all together....And the answer is, NO PLAN!!

Just like a well written paper where planning via outlines and rough drafts is key,
a room re-do pretty much requires the same type of planning in a more visual way of course...I will be writing a post about Mood/Inspiration Boards soon, but let's take it one step at a time.

If you are lucky enough to hire a good designer, then, all you have to do is define your decor style, 
the purpose of the room's use, and some basic likes and dislikes, and it's up to them to create 
a room based on the information you've provided them.  Now, don't get me wrong, don't think 
hiring a designer gets you off the hook...after all, it's your room, your home, and you should act as a well 
informed participant in the design process.  In other words, periodically touch base with your designer 
to ensure that everything is flowing as it should, or to share a thought or two of something you might want to 
change or add.  

Believe me, each time I have worked on someone's home, I love when they become involved in the process, because it allows me to have those "A-Ha" Moments, where something they said, or something they wore prompted me to tweak my original design concept, and when I present the change to them,
 they more often that not agree, and we both laugh at how something so impromptu had such a positive impact on the overall design.

Just recently I worked on a  laundry space for one of my friend's colleagues.  She wanted to remove the existing cabinetry and add open shelving in the space.  The first time I viewed the space, it was completely bare as they had just moved into their home.  However, after meeting with her once she moved in, I realized that open shelving was probably not the best decor concept for her space...the reason you ask, well let's just say that after seeing how she maintained the space once she had moved in with detergent containers not properly stored inside the cabinets, lids not placed back on the containers, her dog's leash on top of the washer, children's toys strewn around the room, and mail on top of the counter, I didn't think open shelving would work for her. After explaining to her that open shelving requires a well maintained and organized disciplined plan, she agreed that open shelving was not the way to go, and instead we went with repainting her existing cabinets, adding molding, and new hardware, and she was beyond pleased with the results.

So that's just a quick little tip to keep in mind when re-doing a space in your home.  Have a plan, and remember, just because something looks great in a magazine or decor site, doesn't mean it will work in your space. Here are 3 simple tips to consider when re-doing a room in your home...

  • Define the purpose of the room- What will you be using the room for?
  • Create a Plan- This will save you time, money, and keep you on track.
  • Be willing to be flexible with your plan, but stay focused and don't deviate from it unless what you have envisioned will clearly not work in the space. Too many changes might overwhelm you in the long run causing you to lose focus and spend way more than you initially envisioned.

Most of all...Have fun, and anticipate the space that you've always envisioned!



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