Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Backyard Tablescape Designs...

Everyone knows that I love dressing up a table.
From Elegant to Rustic, I love all of the possibilities a bare table allows.
For me, a table ready for designing is like a blank canvas awaiting the stroke
of the artist's brush.

Since the beginning of summer, we have been busy having fun, when you 
have a teenager in the house, fun is what it's all about. And while she's out having summer fun 
with friends, I am able to sneak in one and sometimes two projects to design.

I designed this table for Father's Day Lunch.  
I hope this design inspires you to dress up a table or two!

French- Farmhouse Rustic Number Table..
This table was inspired by the French Farmhouse pillows I made
for our home office re-do (almost done, and cannot wait to share with you).
 After making the pillows, I got the idea to make number napkin rings and plate wraps
(plate wraps not shown in picture).
I was pleased at how the French Farmhouse pillows added to the simplicity of the rustic table.

Here are more shots of my French Farmhouse Rustic Number Table...

The napkin wraps complimented the number pillows, 
and created a cohesive design altogether.

My number napkin rings will be available in my Etsy Store soon...

My French Farmhouse Pillows will also be available in my Etsy Store soon.

A simple floral arrangement using back yard clippings tucked 
into a glass mason jar is all this rustic table design needs for a centerpiece.

The plastic tumblers and black and white paper straws
bring a little relaxed, whimsy touch to the overall design.

This table is a perfect example, that it's not necessary
to go overboard when designing a tablescape.
A simple table is often much more beautiful without frills 
or over-the-top floral centerpieces.  This table gave off a relaxed
vibe, and complimented the backyard surroundings just perfectly.  


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