Friday, June 24, 2016

Sail Away With Me Table...

 Sail Away with me Table...

Sail Away with Me to The Crystal Blue Caribbean Sea: 

Most of you know that I love coastal and Nautical decor, so 
once summer approaches I go into beachy mode! And, nothing I love more
than the Caribbean Sea which always inspires my summer decor.

This year, with some very exciting things happening around here (can't share just yet)
 I have believe it or not scaled down my summer coastal decor just a tad...Don't get me 
wrong, there are definitely Coastal touches in every room, but just a little subtle this time around.

Each summer I design one tablescape that I maintain throughout the season...
My hubby and daughter don't really love the idea, because it means the dining room table is 
off limits the entire summer unless we are entertaining, of course, at which point, everything gets taken down, and put right back up once dinner guests leave.

This year, I decided to create various tablescapes on our outdoor rustic table, and interchange
them as design ideas pop into my head.

I am sharing my latest Coastal tablescape...
The color palette reminds of the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea which is my favorite place in the whole world!

Welcome to my "Sail Away with Me" Tablescape 

As I mentioned earlier, The Caribbean Sea is my favorite, so I wanted to replicate 
the beautiful blue of it's waters...For my linens, I paired a long sea blue fabric with 
stark white napkins to give the illusion of the white foamy waves as they softly move across the crystal blue Caribbean waters...

Nothing I love more than looking for beautiful sea glass along 
the sweet Caribbean shores...These sea-blue bottles are the perfect accents 
to bring the illusion of found sea treasures to my table...

Every dinner guest likes to feel special...I designed a coastal place card
in the form of a sailboat by using a lime to create the vessel...The nautical cardstock
made for the perfect sail to take my guests on a summer venture in the deep blue sea...The little  personalized flags wave in the wind, and remind each friend that they are my special guest aboard this voyage...

My coastal banner was an easy DIY using twill fabric and sea foam color paint...I can just imagine 
this sweet little banner hanging from the mast of a beautiful sailing vessel along the waters of the Cayman Islands where nothing but blue seas meet the beautiful horizon as the sun sets over the Caribbean and steel drums are heard in the distance...

Simple white pillows make seating comfortable for my guests to sit and enjoy
after dinner conversation... 

Clear plastic tumblers give the look of fancy crystal while allowing 
the beautiful colors of the table to come through without obstruction...

A simple vignette of sea-blue bottles and white ceramic vase
is the main centerpiece at this table...

Just like the transparent waters of the Caribbean, 
my table accents mirror the look of the beautiful sea...

The rustic table in it's brown hue pairs beautifully with the sea-blue and white color palette of the 
overall design..

Message in a Bottle...
Send your guests home with a sweet little message tucked into a sea bottle...
I filled the bottles with sand to ensure stability, tied a little nautical map tag from its cork.

 Creating extra seating areas within your backyard space is key when entertaining..
My backyard bench made for a perfect dinner banquet,
and complimented the rustic patio table quite nicely.  Once dinner is done, 
the bench serves as a spot where guests can sit and enjoy after dinner cocktails and great 

And there you have it...A table that will take you to the sea where the crystal blue waters of the 
Caribbean greet you with open arms as you listen to the sounds of the rolling waves and watch the
 pelicans as they sit still over the water as you sail past...
 Happy Sailing...

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