Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Little Red, White, Blue and LobSTAH!!

Nothing I like more than a clambake!!!
It's one of the reasons I love visiting New England.

(Here is a little backstory of what inspired my Clambake LobSTAH table design.)

While on vacation in NE a few years ago, I came across the cutest
little shop ever in Kennebunkport Maine to be exact! It was filled with everything from coastal  and nautical decor, to novelties, to beautiful gift items.  In fact, the store name doesn't surprise me, as it is named..."The Best of Everything."

It was almost time to head back to our hotel in New Hampshire, and this little shop 
caught my eye. I came upon an entire section of the most adorable Kitchen accessories and 
cookware that were perfect for a traditional New England Clambake. A gorgeous platter caught my eye!  I  picked it up and new it was coming back to California with me regardless of its hefty price tag.  As I continued on before checking out, I saw adorable scarves packaged beautifully in a corner bin in a section of the store.  I picked a scarf with bold blue stripes and bright red lobsters all over it!  I just could not stand the cuteness, but in an attempt to be somewhat conservative with my spending that day, I put it back and walked to the register to check out.  I contemplated turning around and picking it up to purchase it, but the store was about to close and I didn't want to hold up the people that remained in line after me.   On the drive back to NH, I could not stop talking about that scarf, and my sweet hubby offered to turn around and go back so I could buy it.,..I sadly explained that the store would be closed by the time we turned around.
The next day, which happened to be our last day in New England, I kept telling my hubby how I regretted not picking up that scarf.  He suggested I call the store to see if I could order it over the phone and have them ship it to California for me.  I was skeptical that they would even consider doing it, but I gave it a whirl, and to my surprise, they said it would not be a problem at all!!!  I was BEYOND excited!  I could not wait to get back home from our vacation to see that little package arrive.  And here I am, three years later, that perfect Lobster scarf and Nautical Lobster Platter are the inspiration for my Clambake LobSTAH Table Design!

(Pottery Barn Hemstitch Napkins in White)
Plastic Tumblers ( Home Goods)
White Caterer's Plates (Cost Plus)
Nautical Napkin Rings (DIY using Michael's Dollar bin Novelties)
I mean really...could this platter and scarf be anymore perfect!!!! 

I also found these adorable anchors in the dollar bins at Michael's and 
created napkin rings for my Pottery Barn Napkins...

 I don't know what I love more, designing tablescapes 
or creating one of a kind Napkin designs.  I just 
love this mamma whale and her calf...

Tommy Bahama Soup/Salad Bowls (Home Goods) what a treat to find these beauties...
 They almost perfectly match my Losbster Platter!!!!!!!

I would have never thought that the Lobster Scarf that I fell in love with in that 
adorable little store in Kennebunkport would be hanging from my backyard trees three years later...

I'm still as in love with this Lobster Platter as I was when I first 
saw it in that sweet little shop!

I had an adorable assistant that took the most amazing photographs 
for this shoot... My sweet daughter. She loves decor as much as I do!
I love that we share this passion.

 Oh, I forgot to mention, I also picked up these adorable 
 clambake dipping cups in Boston!  Aren't they the cutest!  
And, they compliment the lobster theme quite nicely!

And here you have it...My LobSTAH Table...I think I'm ready for a Clambake!

And every designer needs to end her project up in the AIR!

 Special Thanks to my daughter for her mad photography skills!

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