Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Simple Backyard Table Styling Tips...

This week has been all about prepping for Mother's Day, and Cinco de Mayo 
in the design community.  We've set some beautiful Mother's Day Tables, and 
some very colorful Mexican themed tables for those who celebrate the festive day, or 
for those of us that will use any excuse to sip a salty margarita!!

However, you don't have to have a specific event or holiday in mind to set up a 
 tablescape in your own backyard.  Last week I blogged about making your table 
pretty even if just for yourself. If you missed that post, click on "The Lunch Table for One" in the blog, and read about how to pretty up a table just for yourself.

When setting a table, don't let yourself get discouraged if you don't have all of the "right" pieces
for  your tablescape.  Get creative with what you have, and pretty it up with color, texture, and 
the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Here are a few tips that show how simple creating a quick
backyard lunch table can really be. This took me all of ten minutes to set up,
 from gathering supplies to the actual complete set up.
 (of course, I am not factoring in shooting time)

Tip #1  Collect Pieces in a portable vessel such as a Tray or Rolling Cart"
 When setting an outdoor table, I always start with collecting my supplies and 
tableware, and setting everything on a tray for easy transport.  This is 
an effective way of cutting the times you have to go back and forth from the 
house to the backyard. 
Here, I've placed everything into a portable tray, and I was ready to set my table.

Tip #2  Make use of your Tray:
I also kept some of the tableware on the tray and used it as a serving buffet for my tableware.
This is appropriate to do for a relaxed backyard setting.

Tip #3 Use Versatile Linens
I know you've heard me say time and time again, how I do not like using
paper napkins...The only two exceptions I can think of are, if I place some cute ones into a basket 
and then it's really only for looks..OR, when hosting a BBQ.

These French Grain Sack Towels were my choice for this tablescape.  I liked the eclectic look 
of the varying patterns as well as how versatile they are as both a napkin and/or placemat.

                                                                                                                       Napkin                                                                            Placemat

  Tip #4 
Water & Drinking Accessories
Water is a must especially when dining outdoor, so make sure you have plenty on hand.
Giving your guests an option is always a good idea. Have at least two options when 
it comes to water.  I placed two bottles of my favorite sparkling natural mineral water on my table. If serving water from a plastic bottle, I always bring out a water goblet with plenty of ice, and I pour the water for my guests (I don't like the look of the plastic water bottles on a pretty table).
Having cute accessories at hand is always a great addition to your table...Mason jars are durable and come in a variety of sizes too!  These cute paper straws are the perfect companion to any drink. * There is the option of using stainless steel straws, which I am not a fan of.  As great as they are for the environment, I always worry about how thoroughly clean they really are after washing; But, that's just me!

Tip #5
 This one is easy, and I know you've heard me say it 
time and time again...ALWAYS use real flatware!
For me, this goes right along with "real" napkins.
Something about using real flatware even at your backyard table, 
gives your guests the feeling that you went the extra mile!
*** and thankfully, this table was a staging project and 
I was not hosting any guests (Hence my blouse ribbon on the plate!!!!) Yes, 
I notice everything!

I hope these simple tips have inspired you to go out and create simple tablescapes
in your own backyard. You don't have to stress, it's much easier than you think.
And always, always, Make it Pretty!


PS. I would love to see your backyard tables, so feel
free to send them to me via Facebook at MaddiebellaHome

All photographs are property of MaddiebellaHome
Please Do Not use without permission.

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