Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Lunch Table...For one

 The last few weeks have been super busy with celebrating birthdays, girl's lunches, and styling projects but, today was a really relaxed day.  No projects, no lunches with friends, (which I am blessed to have often; just one of the perks of being a stay at home mommy), ...Just a little blog writing, and that was pretty much it; therefore making it the perfect day to enjoy a quiet little lunch while we had workers working on the house. I decided to set up a little table for one to enjoy a beautiful healthy lunch, and read through some of my favorite decor magazines all while enjoying a breezy So Cal afternoon.

The purpose of this post is to inspire you to take the time to Make Things Pretty. Trust me, 
you will feel so pampered.  I could have sat at our backyard patio table and enjoyed my lunch there, but,because the guys working on the house had to utilize the backyard area, I decided to set up a small little patio table out on the front walkway next to my blooming Martha Washington Geraniums.

Here is my simple little table on which I enjoyed a relaxing little lunch for one. So, go ahead, the next time you have some quiet time all for yourself, why not Make it pretty!!

Here's a recap of all it took to enjoy a delicious salad 
and fresh lemonade for the most darling little table for one. 
 A ruffled shabby skirt tablecloth...

Beautiful silverware on White Linen napkins...

Yard clippings and twine...

A vase filled with fresh blooms...and the 
cutest little lunch companion ever...

 Remember, Always Make it Pretty!

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