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Key West Themed Table...

Key West themed Party..."Easy Like Sunday Morning..."

Eight years later, the picture I shot of typical
 Key West homes (in this case three charming little beach bungalows)
 has become my muse for a tropical surprise 
birthday party I am designing.

With it's vibrant color palette Key West images are seemingly recognizable.
I can't tell you how often I've opened up a magazine, looked at a colorful wood planked 
house with painted steps, and graced with palm trees, and instantly recognized it to be 
a Key West home even before reading the article confirming Key West as the featured location.
As I said... It's easy like Sunday Morning. The notable Key West color palette always gives it away.

So when one of my dear friend's husband asked me for help in helping him put together a design for a surprise birthday party he is hosting for her this coming summer, I could not help but get my inspiration from this Key West photo I shot way back in the summer of 2008.

 Fortunately for me, my friend's husband's request was simple; make it tropical, colorful, and fun.  
If those three adjectives aren't the perfect description of Key West, I don't know what is. 
And, for this Cuban girl, it's right up my alley!

I couldn't wait to start the design of the perfect Key West table and party design. 
Needless to say, my inspiration for my tablescapes often comes from experiences
I've had, places I've visited, and colors I love, so this table will be a breeze to design...
No pun intended.  LOL much as I would LOVE to be the one to actually put this event together, 
we will be on summer vacation, so the birthday girl's two beautiful daughters and her hubby along with their extended Cuban family, will pull this one off on their own, and I'm certain they will do an amazing job. 

Here is the inspiration board for my Key West table and party design...

(Picture Source for all photos in this inspiration board via Pinterest)

I'm giving them these three setting ideas to give them a perspective of
the various ways they can go when choosing a place setting.

 Palm frond place setting:     #1                        #2      Tropical tablescape with calligraphy on leaves by Kindred Creations. - photo by
        Palm frawns placed atop the                                             Thick Leaf banner laid across plate
dinner plate with the dinner menu laid on top.                acting as place card displaying guests names.

  50+ ideas for an orange wedding color palette:      #3                            
The third option combines the two main color palettes found in the cocktail tables, main dinner table, and in the  flowers that will be used.  If they choose this setting, I will recommend they incorporate a palm frawn underneath the menu (as in picture #1) to give a more layered look to the place setting.

                                                                                   The Main Dinner Table.....
Sunset reception decor theme. Love the combination of colors.
I am recommending a long dinner party table set up.
The host was leaning towards 8 round tables (8 guests/table),but I
suggested the more cohesive ambiance of one congruent table
seating all guests together.  The birthday girl will sit at the head of the
 table where she can see everyone on either side,and not have to leave her table 
to make rounds as would be the case if round tables were used throughout the space.

Cocktail Tables...
Wedding Tables - love the look for cocktail hour, just needs a different linen:
There will be passed appetizers during cocktail hour, and the guests will enjoy an open bar all evening. Tall Tables such as the ones in the picture above will allow guests to set their drinks down, as well as move about the space and mingle during cocktail hour and after dinner, or while they take a break from the dance floor.  I am recommending vivid color fabric to wrap around each of the cocktail tables to bring the vibrant colors of Key West to the space. I am also suggesting the use of a deep-thick orange ribbon wrapped tightly around the pink fabric to add a tropical contrast to the dark  fabric.  The floral decor above is very much in line with what I am visualizing for each cocktail table centerpiece giving the guests enough room to place their drinks on.
 Petal Cones instead of rice or bubbles, only i would probably use leaves since i want a fall wedding which also means no clean up:
The guest of honor has no idea this party is being planned. 
She believes that they will be attending a formal dinner at her brother in law's beautiful Newport Beach home for her niece who will have graduated from law school just a month prior. So, before I leave for vacation, I will make paper cones like these to fill with fragrant petals, and when she walks in, everyone can shower her with the colorful flower petals. I will use the dark pink/fuschia and orange paper to create the cones.

Chiavari Chairs in Toronto | Durham | Mississauga | Pickering | Brampton | Port Hope | Vaughan | Coburg | Sudbury | Waterloo | Niegra | St. Catherines | Kingston | Peel region | orangevill | Huronatio | Labat' | Canada | Ontario | New York | Buffalo | Scarborough:
Wedding, Pink, Orange, Gold, Tropical, Chair, Décor, Claire jing:                                                                                     #1                  

 I am suggesting Chiavari Chairs in a muted gold as in the above pictures.  The architecture mimics bamboo, and therefore will go hand in hand with the tropical vibe in the party theme.

                #2       A small single tropical arrangement suspended from a dark tropical pink ribbon on the back of each chair is what I am recommending  for each chair back.

The Swimming Pool

       Floating lanterns are a unique touch I Michelle Garibay Events I I #weddingdecor:                flower balls floating in a pool at a poolside wedding:               floating flowers and candles:
 The options are endless, and the party hosts can choose whichever of these styles they prefer for dressing up the swimming pool, which I was told sits up against a hilltop overlooking the coast, so it already will be stunning regardless of how they choose to decorate it.  Any tropical flowers accompanied by floating candles will look amazing.

This is just a sample of the ideas I have for the party hosts to review and keep as a guide.  I can't wait to send them the completed inspiration board, and hope they love it! 

So, the next time you are on vacation, and take a just might be pleasantly surprised when that photograph becomes your inspiration for creating something extra special.

Have a great day!

(Picture Source for all photos in this inspiration board via Pinterest)


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