Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rustic Glam Letter & Number Place Setting

Let's face it, planning an event comes with reasons to stress.
If finding the right venue isn't reason enough to go a little nutty,
choosing a table setting can drive us pretty insane as well.

However, in recent years, the rustic trend has taken off 
 in the wold of design. RUSTIC is EVERYWHERE!  from design blogs
 to social media design accounts, to products at our favorite 
home decor shops.  We see rustic touches in the form
of barn weddings,  flea market dressers turned into wedding buffet stands, 
wooden chalkboards, and who can ignore the ever so famous mason jar trend?!
AND, guess what?!!! I am guilty on all counts!
 I have embraced the rustic trend with open arms. 

So, why not embrace the rustic and alleviate the stresses that come
with event planning.  It's easy, there are no rules in rustic.  From 
chippy, to splintery, anything goes!

I thrive on pretty place settings.  I dream them, and wake up ready to 
bring my dreams to life.  I can whip up a place setting in seconds. Some
people attend events, and it's all about the food that will be served.  I attend
events, and it's all about the beautiful table setting.  I'm sure you are thinking,
how can rustic be's beautiful if you put a little glam into it!
Yep, that's what I call it...Rustic Glam!
  Rustic +Beautiful =Rustic Glam

Here's an example of 
my version of Rustic Glam using 
wood numbered plaques from the craft store,
some vintage silverware, a Pottery Barn Napkin, a little twine,
 and a rustic piece of wood my daughter picked for me
while walking on the beach in Malibu last summer.

  I hope this inspires you to create some Rustic Glam for yourself!



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