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When Your Decor Style Combats the Architectural Style of your Home...

  The ever so common struggle of keeping your home's architectural integrity while expressing your individual decorating style.  It's not as difficult as it seems.  Read about ways you can incorporate your decor style without compromising the architectural bones of your home.

 It used to be pretty simple when it came down 
to identifying with one's personal design style...
Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Art Deco, Mid Century Modern,  have been the 
mainstream interior design styles to choose from  when it comes to home decor and interior design.
(Photo taken by, Maddiebella Home)
However, in recent times, the list has broadened,, and we are seeing a trend of
Eclectic, Transitional, Fung Shway, Cottage, Farmhouse,  Shabby Chic, Boho... and the list goes on.

In the end , it's simple; It has always boiled down to Personal Choice.
And because of this, for some people, their affinity to a particular design style
 often trumps sticking to the era and architectural design style of their home

...I'm sure we all remember the I Love Lucy episode where after having moved to the country in Connecticut, Lucy decides to furnish her new home with the help of her interior designer friend, "Betty Ramsey." When Lucy purchases furniture that exceeds the budget Ricky set for her, she tries to back peddle and tells Betty that she wants to return her Early American furniture by telling her that the newly purchased Early American pieces just don't go with the style of the home, and that perhaps some Chinese Modern would be more suited (hence, Lucy is desperate to get out of the mess she's in)...  Betty sarcastically laughs, and tells Lucy, "you can't place Chinese Modern furniture in an Early American style home."  

However, personal choice will always win regardless of the architectural style of one's home
for one simple reason;  People can't move out of a home simply because their
decor style does match the home's architectural design. Instead, they just decorate around the bones 
of the home, and apply their personal style regardless.For Interior designers and 
architects, this can make their heads spin. 

So, what does one do when personal decor style combats the architectural style ?
 For most of us who don't live in period homes, we can get
away with decorating in our personal design style regardless of the 
architectural style of the home.  However, for those living in neighborhoods
 that have maintained the character and style of a specific architectural period it is much more challenging.

So, is there a wrong or right? ..Personally, I don't believe so. 
 I think you can decorate with a twist as long as you maintain some connection
 to the architectural style of your home especially in defined period homes.

 Here are some tips that may help you find a balance when 
dealing with the struggle of decorating against the natural bones of your home

 The Mediterranean...
If the bones of your home are Mediterranean, consider adding some Tommy Bahama
accents which will pair nicely with the Mediterranean style. And, if your struggle is that 
you want a more romantic bedroom with floral patterns for example, adding floral decorative pillows and throws, and even a crystal chandi over the bed is just fine.

 The Early American Colonial...
If your home is American Colonial, mixing French Provincial, Traditional, (and even a little Shabby Chic, or Country) will keep within the character of the architectural design without completely compromising your taste.  Adding a little shabby in the textiles you use such as in curtains, upholstery, and bedding is absolutely appropriate:  And, if you didn't already know, elements of Shabby and Country were inspired by American Colonial interiors. So go ahead, place back to back floral couches in the parlor, throw a shabby quilt over a distressed chair or add a floral runner in the center hall,

The Craftsman...
In a Craftsman , go for the Cottage look. You can also
  incorporate some Shabby Chic into your decor as well. Add dark wood flooring and stark white moldings throughout, style the porch with white distressed chairs with beautiful patterned pillows, and add a small table in between for the perfect spot to place your drinks on warm summer nights.

The Bungalow...
A bungalow makes the perfect home to beachy/coastal decor. 
 Gray wood flooring and white slip covered couches give the bungalow style that seaside feel. And
add some shiplap to the walls for that real coastal touch.

So it's simple, don't get too overworked about being matchy-matchy 
and feel pressured to follow the rule book when it comes to home decor. Go outside the box, and combine elements of your preferred decor style to your home regardless of it's architectural style in order to create a space that embodies both, your personal design style and the bones of your home. Sometimes, it's ok to let the exterior maintain it's original style, while creating a 
space inside that reflects what you love and who you are.
 Most of all...Have Fun!


(Picture Source: Pinterest unless otherwise noted)


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