Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ladies Gratitude Backyard Lunch...

I was talking with a girlfriend/teacher who is in need 
of ideas for a simple Saturday backyard end of 
 the school year lunch.  She called me, because she wants to just hang out and 
thank a few of the moms that she has connected with this year, 
and, whom have helped in her classroom in extraordinary ways.
So wonderful when teachers and parents connect in such special ways.

So, while my sweet girl is out on a special spring break outing with a friend,
 I had the opportunity to design a little table that I know my friend will just love!

She really didn't have anything specific in mind, but she did mention
she wanted "something pretty."  Seafoam green instantly popped into 
my brain as the color scheme, and I created a "pretty" tablesetting in my own 
backyard as a prototype for her own table decor.

Here is the simple Seafoam green Backyard Ladies Gratitude Lunch Table  I designed for her.

Materials Used:
  • White Plates
  • White cloth/linen napkins
  • white porcelain pitcher (centerpiece) for preferably natural blooms (the ones in my prototype table are faux. 
  • Embellishments (gratitude tags,paper flowers, baker's twine)
  • Silverware and stemware at her discretion 
  • Placemats (simple cardstock in coordinating color)
A white porcelain pitcher/ vase acts as the centerpiece...
( Because this is my prototype table, I used faux blooms)

Seafoam and white faux blooms are shown here...

 Cloth/Linen napkins is what I am recommending she uses...

Real silverware is my recommendation...

I set up the design on my outdoor coffee table,
which she can do as well, or she can use 
a patio table or foldable table as well...

Because she wants to keep things simple and not too stuffy, she can use
heavy cardstock paper for her place mats... 
(Easy cleanup, as they can  be discarded after use or better yet, if they remain clean, they can
be recycled, and stashed away in her classroom art closet for future projects)...

To elevate her centerpiece, I recommend a cake stand...
(Rule of thumb, make sure the height does not impede the ability to see 
the guests on the opposite side of the table)

Frontal view of Elevated centerpiece...

A mason jar is my recommendation for holding
extra silverware...

I recommend she utilizes a potting table or 
other small table as a sideboard for holding
serving platters and food...This will allow her
table to remain simple and uncluttered.

Because the purpose of her lunch is to show 
 gratitude, I recommend she uses a "gratitude" tag...
she can use the pre-made one as I have used here, or she can 
personalize her own... 

"Pretty" is what she wanted, and pretty is what I gave her.
 Adding this paper flower embellishment will give her table
that dainty prettiness that she is hoping to achieve...

As this picture portrays...In order to keep the design simple and allow 
the prettiness to show off...I paired the seafoam green color palette with the white 
found in the napkins, porcelain vase pitcher, cake stand, and even in the faux blooms...

The baker's twine gives the napkin a simple
elegance without being too stuffy; which is exactly 
the look my friend wants to achieve... 

 A closer look at the napkin embellishments...  
I recommend having a pile of extra napkins especially when dining the event her guests drop a napkin, she has a clean stash 
at hand... 

I can't wait to see her table set up in her own bakcyard...She will use everything I have here
 (with the exception of the faux blooms- I ALWAYS recommend fresh flowers), and
perhaps she will add a little touch of her own style; which I always encourage.

Have a beautiful Day!

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