Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Back to Back Couch Decor Concept

The new year is underway, and 
I hope  yours is off to a wonderful start!

I love decorating for the holidays, but I have to admit, I 
do like the clean slate after all of the holiday decor has been taken down and stored.
I love the feeling of the bare minimum right after the holidays for a couple of reasons...first, 
it allows me to breath and relax after all of the effort that goes into holiday decor, and secondly,
it gives me time to create new decor ideas for the coming months.

One of the things I enjoy doing after the new year is looking through my January/February issues of my home decor magazines...I enjoy seeing the new decor trends as well as clipping pics of looks I would like to replicate at one time or another in our home.

One decor concept that I have always been attracted to is the back to back couch.   
I especially like that it creates a dual entertaining opportunity regardless of the size of the room.
When hosting a party, the back to back couch allows for separate conversation areas, yet does not
completely isolate one's guests from interacting with those on the opposite side of the room.  I prefer the back to back couch when entertaining over having guests spread out between various rooms in the home.

If one prefers a little more separation while still utilizing the back to back couch concept this can be achieved by placing a console table in between the back of the couches.  The console table enables a little more separation and privacy between the groups and conversations, but again does not totally isolate the groups from one another.  The console table concept also allows for decorative pieces to be displayed between the two sides of the room.  For some who use back to back couch concept, keeping the decor fluid between both sides of the room is important while others choose to mix things up and often use two different styles of 
coffee tables to create a distinctive space.

Here are a few shots of the back to back couch decor concept that I found on Pinterest.
 Sarah Richardson recently gave this layout a try in her London project featured in the latest issue of House & Home {I'm in love with the shape of these pieces - probably custom}::

for my large living area, this is a good idea - back to back couches - 2 separate areas of seating:
Traditional Home Magazine via Pinterest
 family room, lighting, tables, wood:
I like the use of the varied table styles around the couches.
I especially like that one side exudes more of a formal look by the use 
of the leather ottoman style coffee table while the opposite side
maintains a more casual look with the wide knotted wood table.

 clean and simple:  
This picture shows the use of a console table
between the couches as I mentioned above.

So, if adding more than one conversational space
when entertaining  guests is one of your main priorities, 
I recommend the Back to Back Couch concept, because it breaks up the space
 enough to allow two groups to carry on conversations separately from the one another, 
but it doesn't totally close them off from the rest of the gathering when it is time to 
 interact and partake of the gathering as a whole.

Have a great start to your new year!

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