Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas in the Woods Themed Dining Room 2015

Welcome to the reveal of my
 2015 Christmas in the Woods Dining Room... 
Each year, I design a themed dining room Christmas tree.
I usually begin with brainstorming my theme.  People often ask where I get my inspiration, and truthfully, I don't have a specific answer.  However, after seeing the selection of wood critter ornaments in the stores, and the super cute
wooden skis at Target, I knew instantly that my theme for this year's tree
would have something to do with Christmas in the Woods...and that's how the theme 
and the name came about.
I hope you enjoy the tour.  
This PEACE garland was one of my 
first purchases.  I love how the birch cuttings
create a real woodland feel.
On one of my walks, I came across some 
tree branches that had fallen after a windy 
day here in So Cal.  I brought them home, 
used twine to create a bundle, and instantly,
I had the perfect tree topper for my Christmas 
in the Woods Christmas tree.
Quite possibly my favorite "ornament" on the tree are the wooden skis.  
How crazy cute are they? 
 I found the unfinished wood stagg heads at the craft store,
painted them black, and they fit in quite nicely on the tree.

I added pillow covers to the dining room ottoman,
and these little winter trees compliment the theme perfectly.

 I am still very much in love with my Place setting...
My wood chargers give the table that rustic feel that one can only 
get in the woods.

 The simplicity of this muted silver ribbon tied around 
our family heirloom silverware is subtle yet elegant.

The pine cones hanging from the chandelier 
are reminiscent of a pine tree in the middle of the woods...
and.. if you look closely, that is our sweet little pup taking a nap amidst 
the glowing tree lights in the family room...

I used last year's garland of muted silvers and golds as my main table runner...The patina 
matches perfectly with the shimmery owls and chunky silver candles.  I didn't place too much emphasis on the centerpiece, because I really just wanted the place setting to take center stage.

 I am a girly girl, and this ribbon makes me giddy.
I just love beautiful ribbon.  

 Simple, yet Elegant is what I envisioned here...

Loving the shimmer of these candles...
But I love our Waterford Crystal Wedding Registry candle sticks even more.


 A simple, yet Powerful message greets our dinner guests...

 The dining room buffet all aglow...

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of our 
2015 Christmas in the Woods Dining Room and thematic tree...

May your Holidays be happy and filled with love.



 Peace on Earth
Goodwill toward All men...


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