Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Christmas Bedroom Part Two: The Reveal

The Christmas Bedroom Reveal

A few weeks ago, I blogged about easy ways to turn your bedroom 
into a Christmas winter Wonderland.

I have been busy getting the house ready for holiday decor, 
and to be honest, the common living spaces in our home is 
where I keep the main focus when it comes to holiday decorating.
However, I do like to give our master bedroom retreat a cozy,
warm, and glowy look during the holidays.  I have to admit, it's
really nice calling it a night during a chilly December night, and walking into
a room with a soft glow from twinkle lights, candles, some holly, and above all,
cozy bedding in coordinating holiday colors and textures.

In the following photos, you will see how I gave our master bedroom 
a little holiday cheer without going overboard.  One thing I have to 
let you know, and I don't know if you've noticed it yet whenever I post
photos of our bedroom or our daughter's room, I keep 
the pictures focused on specific items such as decor, bedding, etc...I feel the that with
having a blog, Instagram, and Facebook, there is so much already shared, that I like to 
keep certain private areas of our home sacred.  For me, our bedrooms are our private spaces
where we can retreat to without opening it all up to the world.  But nonetheless, I made sure to 
capture as much of the holiday decor that I brought into the room while maintaining
as much privacy as possible.

I hope you enjoy these photos, and hope that this post inspires you to bring Christmas and the holidays into your bedroom.

 While designing our 2015 Christmas Bedroom,
I wanted to maintain a gender neutral decor
that both my hubby and I would feel comfortable with.
On his nightstand, I added this fabric representation
of  a cute little stagg head.  I used the same plaid fabric I used in
making our accent pillow covers, and used white fabric for the background.
I think it gives off the right amount of masculinity to his nightstand while evoking
a real holiday feel at the same time.

SO here we go.. A glimpse into our Christmas Bedroom 2015!

The letter above our headboard was the perfect find..
it not only is the monogram for our last name, but it came 
attached to this festive plaid ribbon which coordinates perfectly with 
the plaid accent pillows on the bed and chairs... 

These adorable little wreaths were a craft store find, and combined 
with the plaid ribbon from which they hang, they give the wall 
above our headboard some Christmas texture... 

I think the decor above our bed is Holiday ready!

 In part one of the Christmas Bedroom Post, I 
mentioned ideas for decorating the headboard.  
A string of lights was one of the ideas that I 
contemplated implementing in my design...However,
while shopping one day, I came across this shimmery 
banner, and I knew it was perfect for stringing over the headboard.
I love how it turned out.  And, when the lights are on in the room,
this little "CHEER' banner, sparkles beautifully.  One little secret about 
this little banner that I must share... Initially, it spelled out the word
"CHEERS," I simply removed the "S", and gave our headboard a little
Holiday CHEER!  Don't worry, I kept the "S" as it will come in quite 
handy in my NYE decor!

 My initial plan was to purchase Christmas bedding.  However, 
most of what I saw at the stores or in my favorite catalogs
was either flannel, or the designs were a bit too overwhelming.
Because I knew I wanted to use plaid in the room, I decided to use the 
 Ralph Lauren bedding I purchased this summer, and incorporate the plaid into my 
existing bedding.  I really like the way the plaid works with the gray and white 
in my bedding. (I had not yet styled my bedside table yet)

 As I mentioned, I knew I wanted to incorporate
plaid into the room.  I purchased the fabric and sewed
pillow covers in this beautiful fabric.  I chose to sew 
covers that I can remove, store, and recover the pillows
with other seasonal fabrics throughout the year rather than 
permanently covering the pillows.

 I'm really digging how the plaid accent pillows look
against the white and gray bed pillows...The color palette is 
exactly what I envisioned.  I love when that happens!!

I always find it fun to add a little WHIMSY to my 
decor.  I traced a stagg template onto white 
fabric and attached it to the small accent pillow in the center, 
and I cannot stop looking at this cute little guy making his 
presence in the room.

 And, who doesn't love a beautifully wrapped little gift box...
I used fabric to wrap this little present, and although not visible in the picture, 
the ribbon is filled with shimmery, little stagg heads...Adorable!!
 Here, I traced a stagg head onto plaid fabric, and glued it 
onto a piece of white fabric, and placed him into this gold frame.
I think the little guy  gives my hubby's nightstand a masculine holiday feel!
Since we are talking plaid...I used the same fabric to dress up the chair that sits near my husband's dressing area.  I tied a thick white ribbon across the pillow cover, and instantly, the chair changed from everyday to holiday mode.
I just love how this little stagg head frame looks 
dressed in it's Christmas plaid... 
 Here's a full view of the look all put together...
This cozy throw is perfect for those chilly winter 
nights...Ok, I know, I know, I live in SO CAL, 
there aren't very many chilly nights..LOL
 Well actually, the temps do drop quite 
significantly here in the burbs, and this cozy throw
is perfect for keeping warm.  

 This chair that sits along the bay window 
 doesn't go with our furniture, but aside from it being 
one of my favorite spots in the room to sit and relax...The 
Chair has a back story from when our daughter 
was born, so I really enjoy sitting in it 
during the mornings as I sip tea and read emails.
I sewed a plaid pillow cover to give it a little holiday cheer.

 The mirror over the console table got a little dressed up for the holidays.
This little branch wreath and thin plaid ribbon hanging from the gold
wreath holder compliment the overall design of The Christmas Bedroom perfectly.

 Some red and gold berries in my silver julep cup make for a simple,
 yet elegant console table holiday vignette...

My Silent Night sign was a spur of the moment 
DIY design, and it is filled with imperfections, but the message is 

I love switching things up here and there, so I moved the julep 
cup to my side of the room, and my nightstand is now dressed 
and ready for the holidays!

I hope you've enjoyed this little holiday tour 
of my Christmas Bedroom 2015... AND, I hope it inspires
you to design your very own Christmas Bedroom as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hand Painted Silent Night Wood Sign: DIY Project
Plaid Pillow Covers: Hand sewn- Fabric from JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store
Wall Wreaths & Ribbon: Michael's 
Bedding: Ralph Lauren- Macy's Home Store
Monogram wall letter: Joann's
Throw: Macy's

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