Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Whimsical Halloween Kiddie Table Place Setting...

It's October, and soon our neighborhoods will be flooded
with kiddos dressed up as princesses and superheros knocking 
on our doors in hopes of collecting their most favorite Halloween treats.
To make the Halloween month fun for your little goblins,
 and being that Halloween is on a Saturday this year, 
why not host a small after school party the day before.
 Even better...make it a pot luck.  Get your mommy friends 
to bring a favorite dish, some yummy deserts,
some apples for bopping, and of course, have the kiddos 
wear their costumes!
Here is a whimsical place setting for your Halloween kiddie
table that I'm sure everyone will love even those adorable little goblins.

Supplies & Materials you will need:  


 Instructions for creating this easy kiddie table place setting

1. Using black card stock,trace a tombstone shape, 
and cut out as many as you will need for each guest.

2. Punch a hole at the top of your tombstone cut outs

3. Using a white marker, or white color pencil, write your guest's initials.
(I wanted to keep my place cards whimsy and not scary being that this is a kiddie table, so this is why I didn't write the children's names on the tombstone place cards.)

4. Cut a ribbon about eight inches long, and fold in half, and insert into your the hole atop of your tombstone place card.  I used orange ribbon, but you can use any color your choose.

5. Take your white black fabric, and cut out a square large enough to surround your white linen/fabric napkin.  The black fabric will serve as a napkin overlay.

6. Cut another piece of your coordinating ribbon, and tie it around both the black fabric and white napkin, and tie a simple knot.

7. Place a simple white dinner plate on top of an orange charger, and dress it up with your tombstone place cards and napkin.

8. And there you have it.  A simple Whimsy Halloween Kiddie Table place setting that will brighten 
up the table at your after school Halloween soiree.

Happy Whimsy Halloween!!!!

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