Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Christmas Bedroom: Part ONE

** The pictures in this post are from Pinterest unless otherwise stated.

Tis the Season to be Jolly...  
Yes, you guessed it, I'm in that kind of a mood.
Although in our house, it's always been a tradition to decorate for Christmas 
the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I very much start planning
my holiday decor long before that.

Today, I'm focusing on the Christmas Bedroom...
Many people limit their Christmas decor to the common
areas in their home.  While it makes sense that we focus 
more on the rooms that will be occupied by friends and family
during our holiday entertaining, I like to extend my decor to 
 the "personal" areas that are more intimately shared.

I like to bring Christmas into the bedroom... of course, I 
tend to keep the decor more low key and not as extravagant
as the common areas in our home.  

You can bring Christmas into your bedroom too...

here are some 
simple ideas to transform your bedroom into a winter wonderland
without going over board.

Place white candles in clusters throughout your bedroom...
(I find flameless candles work best and are safer to use in the bedroom) 
 I am not allowed to have candles in my room. But when I go to room will always smell delicious. :):

 String a single strand of white lights on your can even attach the
twinkle bulb to your light strand for that real Christmas lights effect...

 I have been looking for a simple way to decorate with lighting in our bedroom and then I found this!  It is perfect with little scraps tied around the strings of lights.:
Use a garland of red berries strung across your headboard
like in the picture below... 

  Love the headboard and the berries. Plus I'm crazy about plaids and checkered prints.:


Place a few shimmery silver baubles and beads into a bowl, 
and add a candle.  The light will bounce off the shimmery baubles and beads
to create a beautiful glow.

 make a simple Christmas display by combining some of your favorite holiday decorations in a shallow dish. Ornaments, candles, and metallic beaded garlands make a unique and interesting centerpiece:
  Attach a pretty satin ribbon to a green Christmas wreath, and
hang it in front of a mirror.  If you use a real pine wreath, the scent 
will give your bedroom a wintery feel...
 ╰☆A Southern Christmas☆╮ ****Christmas decoration**:
cozy throws always come in extra handy 
during those chilly winter nights...and they add that holiday touch to your Christmas Bedroom..
Simply "throw" it across the bed, or drape it over a chair... no need to make it perfectly straight.. it will give your bedroom that cozy winter touch...
And don't forget to add LOTS and LOTS of Christmas pillows. 
Martha Stewart Collection Bedding, Holiday Collection - Bedding Collections - Bed & Bath - Macy's:

You don't have to go as big as this, 
but go ahead, add a tree to your bedroom... Just imagine 
the glow when you turn off the lights...DREAMY!!!
Fynes Designs Christmas Home Tour:

and finally, invest in some tartan, plaid or Christmasy bedding..
flannel sheets and whimsy Christmas pillows will complete the look 
for your very own Christmas Bedroom...

 Martha Stewart Collection Sleigh Ride Plaid Flannel Bedding Collection - Duvet Covers - Bed & Bath - Macy's/ for the holidays!:
So there you have it, some simple ideas to transform your bedroom into a Christmas wonderland.
I will be sharing my Christmas Bedroom with you in a few weeks...

Until then,
I hope you have found some inspiration for designing a beautiful Christmas Bedroom of your own.


** The pictures in this post are from Pinterest unless otherwise stated.

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