Sunday, September 27, 2015

Napkins make a statment at the table...

 I love everything about setting a beautiful table,
and napkins are no exception.

I've put together a little post about some 
of my favorite napkin designs.
I'm really into themes, and especially during the 
 holidays... Well, let me be honest, I always love a good theme.
 As it says in my bio, tablescapes are my design passion, and
creating a beautiful napkin design is one of the first things
I like to secure when I'm designing a tablescape.

  There are so many things one can do 
to create a beautiful napkin display, after all,
the napkin is the first thing that your guests touch as they
 place it on their lap when they take their seat at your table.

 Here are some of my favorites...

 "Nantucket Table"
 As a lover of Nantucket, I incorporated names
of Nantucket beaches on card stock
held together with a summery yellow grossgrain ribbon 
in order to capture the essence of one of the things I love most
about's beaches.

"Memorial Day Table"

The white napkin is wrapped around a patriotic ribbon
 in red, white, and blue, as it holds together vintage silverware
and a small American flag all while tucked inside a
patriotic bucket.

 Holiday Table Napkin Design 2012
Here, I combined the use of muted gold napkin
rings from our wedding registry paired with my Pottery Barn
Hemstitch napkins in khaki- the design rested atop gold chargers
 to create a simple yet elegant setting.

This 2012 New Year's Eve Napkin design
was all about elegance and timeless beauty.
 I used a french printed inspired fabric as an overlay 
to wrap around my Pottery Barn white hemstitch napkins.
I tied the look together using silver napkin rings also from
our wedding registry, and simply placed our formal Wedgewood
China atop jacquard place mats also from our wedding registry.
This napkin ring design is one of my favorite, because as I mentioned,
  it brings a timeless elegance to the table.

My 2013 Holiday table napkin design is simple yet elegant. 
 I created a design around a combination of muted patinas
of gold and silver.  The napkin design was easy...I tied a stem of silver berries around
 my white Pottery Barn hemstitch napkins to give the design
a subtle shimmer in order to keep the setting fancy while not overpowering 
the classic hues of the gold chargers.  I completed the subtle elegant setting
 by using white platinum rimmed plates. The not over the top napkin design
doesn't make it any less appealing to the eye.

 Holiday Table 2012: Second design
Here, I tied a berry branch with dark green leaves
around a rolled (and fluffed at the to) plain white napkin
to create a traditional holiday design atop my setting.
I am not one to keep with the traditional Christmas colors, 
so it took every once of me to wean away from my passion
for silvers and golds, but I really liked the way the dark 
red chargers coordinate with the little red cardinal that sits
atop each place setting.  This napkin is a no fuss design, however,

it gives off just the right amount of elegance I was hoping to achieve.

"A Red Carpet Affair"-
 that's exactly what it was when our sweet girl turned ten. 
 Our daughter's red carpet party was perfection from start to finish...
I envisioned this table exactly as it turned out.
  Here, I used red napkins from the rental company I always
use when I throw large events.  Paired with a black tablecloth, and using white
napkins, I created a envelope fold to simulate the "Academy Award" envelope.
I added a satin ribbon and a gold seal, and instantly, I had the design I envisioned 
weeks leading to her big event.  I used non embellished plates so as to not take
away from the beautiful sealed envelope napkin design.  I laid everything atop non embellished
white plates, and sat them on top of muted silver chargers while giving the birthday girl's 
setting a special touch with a blinged out rimmed silver charger.  This napkin brought that 
special touch to this table filled with ten year old celebrities who came to celebrate one of their own!

Here's a bonus napkin design that came about 
from some little whimsical embellishments I 
purchased at the craft store...
 This adorable whimsical snowflake 
wooden craft clothespin came in a package
with three other winter designs, and I just couldn't 
resist.  I used khaki linen napkins, folded back 
the top corner, and held it open with the cute
snowflake pin...Instantly, I had an elegant setting 
that complimented my overall table design for 
a holiday dinner we hosted in our home.

 There you have it...some of my favorite napkin designs.
I hope this inspires you to get creative the next time you 
place your napkin on your table.


I hope you enjoy some of the favorites
I've chosen to share.

Have a wonderful week!



All designs and photos are my own.  Property of Maddibella Home.
Please do not reproduce photos without permission.

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