Thursday, September 10, 2015

Master Bedroom reatreat re-do in progress...

Master Bedroom retreat re-do in progress...

We recently painted our master bedroom retreat, after a few years of 
my taupe phase, I opted for a softer and more romantic paint color...
After much consideration, the hubby and I agreed that a subtle shade
of gray would give our master bedroom retreat a spa like look. 

I could not be happier with our choice in paint color- 
 paint color reveal to come once everything is stay tuned.

Here are a few shots of  some of the changes thus far...
Because I am busy working on a couple of design assignments 
for a client, my master bedroom progress is moving along slower that I would like.
However, I can't tell you enough just how much I love the end of each day when I get to 
walk into our beautiful master retreat and feel like I'm walking into my favorite spa!

Here's a sneak peak...
This chair will be replaced with a 
softer, classic winged chair...
One of the things I love the most are our window
treatments...More on them to come...

 The new bed linens are what I love best...I am a linen lover, 
and yes, I'm change them according to the, I
decided to combine stark white (although the poor lighting from this overcast day did not 
show the stark in my white pillows) with a darker gray just to bring
contrast to our summer bed...

A simple wicker tray with a scented candle (for display only), 
and a julep cup filled with faux roses gives the bed
a formal and elegant touch...After all, my design philosophy is..
"Love is in the details..."

Our beautiful glass lamps were among the most
pricey pieces of this re-do, and I am obsessed
with how they capture and disperse the light so beautifully
over the dark nightstands...(this one is on my side of the bed, can't you tell?)

The Bay window area is a great spot to relax and is the 
perfect vantage point to watch my favorite design shows from...

I can't wait to get everything completed so I can share it all with you.

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