Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rustic Soiree

Everyone that knows me knows that I love party planning and design.
I often go through the thousands of pictures I have in my photo library of the countless
parties I have designed, and while I love each and every one of the themes and design,
there is one or two that stand above all the others as my personal favorites.  

One would think that it's the ones with all the glitz and glam that are at the top of my list, but that's not the case. There is one particular party design, that continues to draw me back each and every time I sift through my party design photos. The Rustic Party I threw for my husband's birthday three years ago is the one that makes my heart  skip a beat each time I sift through
 my party design photos.

The color scheme for this rustic setting was
very neutral. I stuck to earth tones by incorporating
taupe in the napkins atop white tablecloths, as well as using ivy plants
 inside mini galvanized buckets to compliment 
the greenery in the backyard.  

The piece de resistance was the chandelier I created by using
a large fallen tree branch, and attaching small glass vessels to use as
votive candle holders.  

Here are just a few pictures of my rustic backyard party...

*One of my hubby's friends liked the design so much
that he had me recreate it for his girlfriend's 40th birthday party 
two weeks later. * pictures at the bottom of this post.

 Large glass vessels served as vases for 
dried branches, and made for an appropriately 
rustic centerpiece.

I used Mason Jars as candle holders. They
reflected a beautiful glow as the sun went down
and the party carried over into the night.

The night glow from my rustic chandi was stunning...

Burlap table runners kept the cohesion of the rustic theme intact...

The black wooden chairs against the stark white table cloths 
gave the rustic theme a bit of elegance..

 The cheese platters and domes were labeled accordingly...

 I dressed the bar with a shabby ruffled bottom table cover,  (not completely visible in this picture)
and stocked it with a variety of wines and liquors for mixed drinks...

 When stocking your party bar, make sure to set out several bottle
openers, lemon and lime wedges, fruits, varied salts, mint leaves for Mojitos
mortars, and a blender.  And of course, don't forget plenty of ice. I stocked a 
pretty mean bar that night.

The evening glow created the perfect ambiance 
over the rustic tablescape...
All in all, my hubby's rustic 40th birthday party 
continues to be one of my favorite designs..
I hope you've enjoyed the pics.
Below are a couple of the same party design
I created for or my husband's buddy.
Have a great first week of May!

(Rustic party in the canyon pictures below)

I created these adorably rustic place cards for each guest place setting...

(These images are property of Maddiebella Home Do not use without permission)

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