Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trendy Denim Shorts Handbag...

My daughter loves Abercrombie 
denim shorts. We normally donate them 
when she outgrows them, but every now and then
one slips by. When I found these lingering in her 
drawer, I instantly thought of a DIY project
for these cute little denim shorts.

Because this was an impromptu DIY project, 
I didn't think of taking pics during each step of the project.
The pictures I am posting were taken after I completed the work, 

Here's a basic rundown of how I transformed these adorabale 
denim shorts into a cute little handbag.

Step 1
I used a pair of shorts that no longer fit my daughter, and
using the sewing machine, I closed off the leg cuffs on each side.
Prior to attempting the project, I made the mistake of watching an online
video that instructed me to cut off the seam at the crotch (DON'T DO IT),
this was a mistake, as it made it quite difficult and uneven when I tried closing 
the crotch closed. My original intention of sewing straight across the legs cuffs and crotch
would have worked much better; As they say, you live and learn.

 Step 2
 I found an old belt to use as the handle...

Step 3
I removed the buckle by simply using scissors to cut it off.
Luckily, the material of this particular belt was very easy to 
work with.  I am keeping he buckle in my craft bin in case I 
find a creative way of incorporating it into another project...

Step 4
Using the sewing machine, I sewed
the belt onto each side of the shorts; 
basically where the hip bones would be.
Again, the belt material was quite easy to work 
with.  However, the belt is made of leather, and not as soft
as fabric...And, as you will see from the following picture,
my sewing machine was sure to let me know of that.

Lucky for me, this happened as I sewed the final stitch.

And there you have it, a trendy little denim handbag 
that I'm sure my daughter will love!

I hope you find some DIY inspiration from these easy little project.

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