Sunday, April 19, 2015

Outdoor Living... 20 Tips on Getting your outdoor space ready for summer...

Outdoor Living: 20 Tips on getting your outdoor space ready for summer...


Here in Southern California, outdoor living pretty much happens year round.
Aside from the rare rainy day, which our television weather forecasters like to refer to
 as "STORM WATCH", we are fortunate to be able to spend most of our days outdoors.

But you don't have to live in Southern California to enjoy outdoor living...I am certain
that wherever you may be, Mr. Golden Sun will peek his way out on your outdoor living space soon.

Now that spring is here, and summer is quickly approaching, it's a good time
to assess your outdoor space and get it ready for those outdoor evenings
 of BBQ's, swimming, and entertaining.   
This weekend, we will be out in our backyard taking inventory of all that we need to do to "spruce up" for those warm summer evenings spent outdoors.  From pulling up weeds, to replanting flowers, and revamping our outdoor furniture, now is the perfect time to get out there and get everything ready for when the last school bell rings and summer officially begins.

Here are some tips for preparing your outdoor space 
for summer outdoor living:

  1.  Powerwash your deck area/patio space including backyard facing windows
  2. Call pest control to spray for unwanted pesky visitors
  3. Check your BBQ to ensure it is working properly and safely
  4. Check sprinklers and make necessary replacements where needed
  5. Purchase Citronella candles for those late nights outdoor
  6. Purchase or make new outdoor pillows 
  7. Invest in a set of melamine or acrylic dishes...PB and Pier 1 have cute patterns
  8. Inspect your outdoor lighting
  9. Purchase a set of string lights and/or outdoor chandi for your pergola
  10. Use an outdoor area rug to define your outdoor space
  11. Add a weather resistant bar/serving cart to make serving your guests much easier and limiting your trips inside the house when entertaining
  12. Purchase resin adirondack chairs: they are easy to clean, make for comfortable seating, and are stackable for easy storing when not in use
  13. Stock up on paper essentials, straws and napkins
  14. Purchase extra foldable outooor side tables for guests to place their drinks and plates on
  15. Prepare your outdoor sound system and playlist for your entertaining pleasure
  16. If you have a pool, invest in affordable towels in the event your guests forget theirs
  17. Purchase sunscreen in varying SPF grades for your guests
  18. Invest in a rack for pool towels
  19. Place a plastic hamper for guests to place pool towels into: This will make transport to the laundry room a breeze 
  20. Stock up on condiment essentials for those outdoor BBQ's

Here is some outdoor living space inspiration from
two of my favorite magazines...

Traditional Home Magazine 

House Beautiful Magazine

I hope these 20 tips give you a guideline of where to begin to getting 
your backyard or outdoor space ready for summer.

Have a great week!

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