Friday, April 10, 2015

Design Inspired by Travels...

Inspiration; (noun) A result of inspired activity.
Yes, that's how the dictionary defines it...And I could not agree more.

My design ideas are inspired by many ways.  
Be it a store front display that makes me want to recreate the look,
or a magazine layout that appeals to me, and even odds and ends at the flea
market that get my wheels turning as to how I can turn them into a beautiful vignette in my home,
are all ways that I get inspired to design and decorate.

But there seems to be one consistent way in which I am deeply inspired 
to design and create, and that is through my travels. As a family, traveling is one
of the passions among many that we not only share, but we absolutely treasure.
I can go on and on and write a post all about our travels and the many beautiful 
places we have been blessed to visit, but I'm keeping this post tied to design
 inspiration through travel.

Travel design inspiration for me begins the moment we begin 
to plan our trip.  I immediately immerse myself in the research
of anything from topography, food, culture, and of course lifestyle...
And I go from there.  I very much tie my travel design inspiration with 
how I plan a party... And those of you who know me well, you know that I
ALWAYS start with a theme.  Well, a theme is the perfect way to describe
how I find design inspiration through my travels. 

I hope you enjoy viewing a couple of my favorite 
travel design/decor themes that inspired me while on vacation 
through Cape Cod a couple of summers ago. Regardless
how you find your inspiration, just get out there 
and create what makes you HAPPY!
 A little inspiration from one of our favorite little islands 
was all I needed to create this perfect Nantucket summer...

 Nautical ANYTHING makes me happy...and 
while vacationing in Martha's Vinyeard, I could
not help but become inspired by all the nautical beauty
that surrounded me...Something about the vibrant 
hues of blue and red together paired with 
nautical rope, anchors, paddles, and lanterns leaves me
dreaming of summers in New England...
This backyard table setting exudes all that is nautical to me...
 The AHOY banner was one of my favorite pieces to design...

 Another one of my favorite designs was creating 
this adorable paddle.  Hand painted by moi,this
 perfect little paddle wrapped in nautical rope awaits
it's turn at treading water.

 Our gardeners know never to throw a good little branch away 
without asking me
As you can see, a little branch makes the perfect sailboat for this table setting...

AHOY everyone, it's time to set sail!

 Time for a little lunch before sailing away...

Very much like a well wrapped gift, 
The front door is the very first impression of 
what's inside one's home... I always tie my front door decor 
with the theme that awaits once my guests walk inside.
And, because we have double doors, I guess it's fair to say,
that designing the front door decor is Double the fun!
 I hand painted these beauties onto canvas,
and placed them into a whimsical wooden frame I found at the craft store...

The mantel is one of my favorite places
to decorate. Here, I used the same technique
and hand painted a life preserver onto canvas, 
and place it into a white wooden frame sans the glass.  

I painted the DOCK wooden sign on the mantel onto 
a remnant of wood that I had in my stash
of decor goodies and glued it onto 
a piece of branch the gardener clipped and left behind.
I like how the branches give out that driftwood feel that we
lack to find in our Southern California beaches. 

Thankfully, I had another one
of those adorable wooden remnant pieces to make 
this beachy little sign for my coffee table vignette.


 The anchor banner reminds me 
of the flags that are seen hanging on the 
front porch of the homes on Martha's Vineyard...
A little canvas, some acrylic paint, and this sweet banner was
ready to greet our guests all summer long...

I had to recreate this most adorable pillow 
that I saw in the window of a paper store in Cape Cod.
And I am pretty darn proud of myself, because 
I think I knocked it out of the park with this one!

Regardless of how you find your design inspiration,
go out and create what makes you HAPPY!

Happy Friday!


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