Thursday, March 12, 2015

Southern California Splendor...

While much of our nation is dealing with 
a harsh winter...we here in So Cal pretty much enjoy 
the beauty of our gorgeous beaches without even 
realizing how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy them year round.

Aside from design, decor, and writing, 
photography remains one of my most deepest of passions.
There is something magical that takes place when I look through 
my camera lens; And what better subject to focus on than
the beautiful beaches of So Cal. 

 One of our favorite spots here in Malibu
is Leo Carrillo Beach... This is where we took 
our engagement photos almost fourteen years ago,
and we now come here as a family and spend hours 
basking in it's beauty. 

Just the perfect spot for a blog photo shoot too!

There is nothing more tranquil than watching the tide as it rolls
back and forth gently rushing through the rocks as if whispering a soothing secret...

Something about the sun's rays cascading over the rocky mountains
of Malibu as it projects it's infallible splendor...

and, nothing more beautiful than the path of the sun as it sets and makes it's 
way across the waters of Leo Carrillo...

The orange hue over the rocky hills of Malibu signals the coming of night 
over a tranquil beach as stillness settles in over the ridge...

Sunset over Malibu...Nothing compares.
Reminiscent of an artist's most perfect watercolor rendering...

Have a beautiful day!



  1. GORGEOUS pictures, Betty! What a beautiful place and oh boy, you look so cute, at first I thought it was your daughter! :)