Monday, March 16, 2015

Styling the Coffee Table

The coffee table is the "central nervous system" of the family room...
Although most people usually say the fireplace is the focal point of the room,
we can't ignore that very important piece of furniture that holds our magazines and latest 
reads, candles for setting soft moods while we entertain, and OH YES, how can I forget 
what most hubbies consider the most essential YIN to their YANG, the ever so unsightly, plastic eyesore... THE REMOTE CONTROL!

With that said, I feel it's fair to give the coffee table
the importance that it needs as we style our family rooms.

There is no one rule to styling your coffee table, but one thing is for sure,
CHANGE IS A MUST!.  Whether one changes the coffee table decor according to
 the seasons (for example, holidays), or moves things around, make sure to keep 
your designs revolving so the table has a fresh look every so often.

Think about it this way: You have a little black dress  that you wore to a party last month.  
You were invited to a party this month, and many of the people attending already saw you in 
your little black dress.  
Question: WHAT DO YOU DO?  
                Answer:  You style your little black dress with a high waist rhinestone belt, 
 add a pair of sparkly strappy 5 inch heels wear your hair up in a tousled bun clipped with a 
rhinestone broach, and no one will ever know you're wearing the same little black dress. 

The gist to your coffee table design is very much the same...keep it looking fresh.

My coffee table is one of the pieces I enjoy styling the most.  
It makes me smile when I walk into the room and see it personalized differently 
from time to time.  It never gets old, and I never get bored of it's design.
Go Ahead, give it a try.  Style your coffee table, and keep it changing.  You will
be pleased with the results, and your guests will be sure to take notice.

 Here is what's on my family room coffee table at this moment,
but just like I explained above, this vignette will be sure 
to change in a week or so.

Items on my table:
  • A few of my favorite coffee table books
  • My favorite decor magazines
  • A vintage silver tray
  •  Julep cup with faux white roses (only because I didn't get to pick up fresh flowers this weekend).
  • A few Easter novelties
  • A tall silver candle holder holding one of my favorite scented candles.
  • A wicker tray basket holding those ever so pretty (Yeah Right!) remote controls...UGH!

Happy Styling!


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