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Spring Holiday Decor Tips:

Spring Holiday Decor Tips:

Spring is here, and that means 
that Easter and Passover are just around the corner...
If you are hosting an Easter Brunch or Passover Seder, 
you are probably starting to think about setting the mood with some
appropriate and festive decor.  While setting the mood for each approaching 
holiday is fun, it can also be exhausting.  It seems that we all put so much effort decking the halls in December, and when we turn around, Valentine's Day is upon us without a warning.  By the time spring comes, we are pretty spent both figuratively and literally.

But spring holidays don't have to be exhausting or overwhelming,
 and they certainly don't have to break your bank... 

Here are a few tips that can help when deciding
 how to decorate your home for thes spring holidays

I like to use real flowers in my decor any chance I get;
But it seems that I spend so much money on flowers, and they don't seem to last.

You don't have to purchase an expensive bouquet.  The grocery store often 
sells  filler type arrangements  that you can place in a favorite vase
 wrapped in a pretty ribbon without breaking your bank.
If  you can't find something affordable to work with, then go ahead, use a subtle little bouquet of natural looking faux flowers; BUT, do keep it subtle, and limit the faux display to just one arrangement as too much is overkill, and real flowers is always the best way to go.

 While I like the soft palette of pastels in spring decor,
it doesn't quite go with my overall color scheme of the rest of my home.

The best way to ensure that the soft pastel colors of spring
novelties don't clash with your overall home decor color palette
is to use spring decor pieces sparingly.  The best way to achieve this is 
by choosing one or two areas of your home that you wish to accentuate with spring decor.
For instance, you may want to dress up your entryway by creating a welcoming Easter 
vignette, or better yet, if you are hosting an Easter brunch, then limit your decor to the dining room by creating a beautifully displayed Easter tablescape.  

Easter decor sometimes seems a bit too "kiddylike"  with all the bunnies and eggs.

Choose items that are holiday neutral and don't emphasize the bunny and eggs type of decor.  This is especially helpful if your family celebrates both Easter and Passover.
The best way to achieve a more "grownup" Easter design is to use items
such as baskets filled with flowers (tulips, hydrangeas,daises, etc) throughout your home.  Another way is to use faux nests filled with flower petals or candy as centerpieces or even as place settings at the brunch table.  You can also use dried branches to create a wreath wrapped in burlap, tied with a soft pastel ribbon, and hung over the fireplace mantel, over a mirror, or as your front door decor.

I'm not sure I want to purchase new spring decor items this year.
The best solution for this problem is to reuse what you have from years past.
If you are like me, I take pictures of all of my seasonal vignettes, and review them 
each year to see what I want to switch up and what designs I want to replicate.
For example, if you used plain white napkins for your Easter brunch table the year before,
search your craft bin for pastel ribbon to wrap around the same napkins this year, clip some twigs from your garden, and insert the twigs into the ribbon.  Now you have a totally new napkin design for this year's brunch. 

I don't want to spend money on spring decor.  But, I don't own any such items either.
One of the best solutions for this problem is NOT to purchase anything at all,
but rather turn to nature for some REAL decor pieces that won't cost you a penny!
Yard clippings like tree branches in a vase are perfect for hanging Easter eggs. Simply,
poke a hole through the eggs using a skewer or sharp pointed tool, drain the yolks until the eggs are completely clean, dye the eggs, and once dry, using a glue gun, attach a thin colored ribbon to the top of the eggs, and hang from the tree branches.  This makes the perfect table centerpiece.

I hope these tips will help you plan and enjoy the process of decorating for the the upcoming spring holidays without any stress.
Happy Spring!

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