Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beachy Master Bedroom Console Table Decor...

I love collecting shells and sea glass from 
the tropical places we visit.  But you know what 
usually happens when you pick something up while
on vacation; it gets displayed for a few months, and then
those beautiful little items seem to become clutter and get taken
off your display and stored into a box somewhere in your catchall room
or storage closet: Well, not in this case. Many years ago, I decided that 
the pieces I pick up on some of the most beautiful beaches around the world 
deserve more than being placed into a box and forgotten.

For now, here is a little glance at how I display some of my
 tropical treasured finds on our master bedroom console table; 
and stay tuned for more ideas on ways I display all of my
 beachy finds in an upcoming post coming soon!

 * * * * * *
I used chunky candle holders,
and filled glass vessels with shells we picked alongside 
the shore while in Cape Cod two summers ago.  I wrapped the glass vessels 
with hemp twine to resemble weathered nautical rope, and I instantly 
had the perfect display for these tropical beauties.
 candles holders from IKEA

I display these amazing finds using a candle dish.  I piled a collection of porous
sea shells and rocks, as well as pieces of sea glass (not visible in this picture),
and placed them in a candle dish.  The collection of these creamy white 
pieces compliment the off white candle dish just perfectly.
 candle dish from IKEA

Here is a closer look at the glass vessels wrapped in
hemp twine and sitting atop of these gorgeous 
chunky white candle holders...

I love the unique touch of using candle holders to
display these perfectly beautiful seashore finds.
Stay tuned for more on our beachy chic master console table decor coming soon! 


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