Thursday, November 20, 2014

New England themed Christmas Tree

For those that aren't aware yet, I love a good theme.  
 I'm huge into party planning, and while most people start their 
planning with a budget, I start mine with a theme.

For me, a good theme doesn't end at party planning.  Back in 2012,
I began to ponder the idea of adding more than one Christmas 
tree to the house- I mean why not,  afterall a house has more than one main room, right?! 

We always have a beautiful natural tree in our main living room where we entertain family
and friends during the holidays; but I have to admit, the thematic trees are a great way to reminisce of places and things we love as a family.  

 The idea of course led to my French Inspired foyer Christmas tree which most of you have seen in one of my past holiday posts.  Last year, after having a most spectacular summer vacation in one of our favorite destinations, I was inspired to create a third Christmas tree: Hence my New England inspired Dining Room Christmas tree was born!

Here are a few pics from last year's New England tree... and YES, you guessed is underway as I labor steadily to create a new themed Christmas tree for the dining room that will replace last year's themed tree.  You'll have to wait for the big reveal, but let's just say it will forever be one of my favorite Christmas trees.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy last year's New England inspired dining room Christmas tree.
(you can view my original post from last year to get the details on how the tree was created)
** note:  All ornaments on my New England inspired tree were handmade by me with the exception of the sailboats as well as the seashells- which I picked along the beaches of Maine and Cape Cod.

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