Sunday, January 12, 2014

All Grown up , But I still Love Tea Parties...

When I was little, I was a Girly Girl... and I must admit, nothing's changed.
I still love all things pink and fluffy.  I love dressing up, and I love tea parties.  I'm so glad I had a little girl too. because she and I love
all things cute, sweet, and pretty.

One of my favorite pastimes as a little girl was playing tea party.  I 
remember I had so many different tea sets to choose from.  I would 
set a beautiful table (yes, even back then I had the tablescape design down).
I would invite all of my stuffed animals and dolls to join me, and we'd 
spend hours together pretending to be in a most fabulous place sipping 
some sweet fruity kiddy drink that my mom allowed me
me to pour into my adorable little tea cups.

Now that I'm all grown up, I continue to love hosting parities,
 and tea parties are no exception. 
 These of course consist of real guests,
delicious pastries, and my favorite brands of tea.
 Here is a ladies tea designed by one of my favorite 
restaurant owners and reality stars, Lisa Vanderpump.
I love her taste in design as it mirrors my own taste 
of all things beautiful when it comes to setting a table, 
and this tea table is simply gorgeous.  The beautiful 
pink roses (as you know by now are my favorite flower),
compliment the pastries beautifully.  

**I took these shots straight out of my television, 
but I can only imagine how much more beautiful this setting was in person.

 I've been looking for a tea cart for sometime now.  And I will not settle with just anyone cart.  I have 
the perfect vision of the perfect tea cart, and when I find it, it will place it in my dining room with beautiful flowers waiting to host my next tea party.

 I own this exact three tiered dessert stand, 
and it is one of my favorite pieces to use when entertaining.

The pink sprinkled lady finger cookies are just so adorable. 
I am definitely going to be making some of these for my next tea party.  

 From the blinged out ice bucket to the sparkly vases,
 this is sheer perfection, and it's calling my name!

 Sometimes our most fondest childhood memories are those we can continue to replicate even
after we are all grown up. 

Have a great week!

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