Sunday, December 1, 2013

New England Christmas Tree

New England Christmas Tree
One of the highlights of this past summer was our family 
summer vacation in New England.  While we were 
there, although it was the middle of July, I couldn't 
wait for the holidays, because I was already 
thinking about the New England Themed tree I would be creating. 
 Well, the holidays are here, 
and if your were wondering... YES, I created my 
New England Christmas tree.  This is the new
addition to our home's holiday decor this year.  I hope you 
enjoy it as much as I did when putting it 
together.  My New England Tree
has made it's home in our dining room,
and I love to stare at it as it is 
exactly what I envisioned it would look like
 when we visited New England this past summer.

Lobster EVERYTHING was everywhere in New England,
so when I envisioned a New England Tree, I knew exactly
what my ornaments would consist of.

The Lobster crates are my favorite.  And to think
these adorable little crates were only $1.00 at the
local hobby store.  They are not only super cute,
but they play the role of a real lobster crate quite perfectly!
The fisherman's net added that "authentic" look to the lobster crates...

Cape Pier was one of our favorite 
restaurants for lunch in Kennebunkport, so I decided
to memorialize it by using a clear ornament
ball. I cut a picture I took of the sign that hung on the pier, 
and placed it inside the ornament.
Every time I look at it, my mouth 
waters for their tasty lobster dishes!

 As they say, "Life is Better on the Vineyard"...
 I picked up this beautiful sailboat in Boston at the JFK Presidential Library and Museum.
Although not an ornament, it compliments the decor quite perfectly...

Nothing better than a New England Clambake...

 A picture of one of our favorite lighthouses 
in Maine inside a clear ball ornament takes
us back to those spots we loved the most...

A shell ornament hangs alongside
three colorful adirondack chairs...

  No star tree topper needed on this tree... I used 
my driftwood sailboat from summer to top 
the tree... it looks just like it's sailing
atop of white caps off the coast of Nantucket...


I picked up this gorgeous textured Lobster textile in a 
quaint little shop in Kennebunkport, Maine.  Intended
to be  a kitchen accessory, (although oddly large to be
a kitchen dishtowel or place mat) I kept it in it's original
package not knowing how I would use it... UNTIL, 
I realized, it would make the perfect tree skirt for my 
beautiful New England tree!

Coordinating wrapping completes the look of
 our New England Christmas dining room tree...

The dining room tree took on a New England feel right away.
I'm so happy with the way it turned out. 
Exactly how I envisioned it.
Our 2013 Dining Room New England Christmas Tree...
Merry CAPE-MAS!!


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  1. I really love it! It's unique. I love the sailboat on top. It's perfect! My parents live in New England, though I am a near native of the southwest., soI have a southwest tree.

    1. Thank You! I'm sure your southwest tree is beautiful as well! Thanks for stopping by. If you are not a follower, I invite you to follow me here so we can share out creativity.