Saturday, October 12, 2013

Spooky Chic Black and Cream Library

fall is here, although it's hard to get into the mood for fall decorating when we've had
ninety degree weather here in Sunny So. Cal.  

As I mentioned before, the theme for my 
Halloween decor this year is Black and Cream Halloween. 
I had camera issues this past week causing me to go one week without 
posting on my blog.  I was not happy about that, but better late than never, right?!

 I have three Black and Cream Halloween vignettes 
that I will be sharing with you over then next few weeks.  

Here is the first of the three Black and Cream Halloween vignettes.  

Black and Cream Spooky Chic Halloween Library...

I turned the family room console table into the librarian's" circulation desk"...

 books wrapped in black and cream paper, and stamped with whimsical spooky titles  
are ready to be "checked out."...But beware, they may never be returned!!!

A cream iron cage is home to the "library mascot"  his belly glows in Halloween shimmer
as he sits on his perch with no intention of flying away on Halloween night...

Dried roses in an old jar sit atop a stack of books with
whimsical spooky titles...

A vintage candle holder is host to a shimmery taper candle... 

 Black bands give thes books a Spooky-Chic touch...

 books in disarray give the impression, that some very messy little goblins 
are forgetting their library manners...

 And what is a library without a librarian??
 "Lucky" for us,  while we were in San Diego last weekend, we found a friend who
perfectly compliments our fancy chic library.  My daughter named her 
"Lucky the Librarian", and here she is doing what she does best.  With book in hand, 
she brushes up on her favorite holiday.
And she's fancy too!
Did you notice the black organza bow
 on her head?

Like I told in my last post, I don't like scary, gross Halloween decor. 
I'm more of a whimsical fancy chic Halloween kind of girl.  
I feel this vignette has enough Halloween with a touch of whimsy all in one!
And our friend "Lucky the Librarian" just adds a touch of Spooky without going over board.
I hope you've enjoyed my Fancy-Spooky Chic Black and Cream Halloween Library...

Have a great week!



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