Thursday, April 25, 2013

Outdoor Coffee Table...

Is it pretty enough to be in a magazine?
  That's the question I ask myself each time I work on decor...
  The reason is, I love home decor
magazines, and I especially love the ones with appealing
layouts and beautiful photography.  You know, the ones that 
make everything appear so perfectly gorgeous that it prompts you to grab your car keys, drive to the store, and purchase every single
bit of inspiration you can find to replicate the vignette.

We use our outdoor coffee table all the time,
 and I like to dress it up with pretty blooms; it's just so much more inviting and much more appealing to look at.

Well, today, I went out as I usually do right before the weekend, and picked up some fresh flowersI chose these pretty pink snapdragon, brought them home, prepped them, and placed them in some of my rustic glass jars. 

 I love collecting odd jars, and here's one of my secrets, I often clean out those perfectly round pasta jars
 (GOD help me if my Italian side of the family even hears that every now and then I use sauce that come out of a jar)!  

I nestled the snapdragons next to some
pretty white stock and creamy white roses from last week.    

The combination of the muted and dark pink in the snapdragons
    blended beautifully with the white stock 
and the creaminess of the short cut roses.

I placed the vessels on my outdoor wicker tray for
an added rustic feel...
I added a a couple of rusty decor pieces...

and the look came together exactly how I envisioned.

 Remember my secret...
 You don't have to break the bank...Don't throw away your used pasta jars ;they make perfect rustic vases for your blooms.

And there you have it...
an outdoor coffee table vignette pretty enough 
to be in a magazine... Maybe even the cover!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

 Money Saving Tip: Rustic Decor is huge these days, but you don't have to break your bank to get the look.  I love jars and bottles of varying shapes and sizes.  So, take it from me, don't throw away your pasta sauce jars as they make great rustic vases for your home decor!

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  1. I heartily agree, Betty - it IS pretty enough to grace the cover of any decorator magazine - just beautiful.

    Well done.

  2. Beautifully done! It's so pretty it should be in a magazine.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  3. Such beautiful flowers. And what a good idea about the jars. Susan @