Monday, April 22, 2013

Backyard Resort Style Pampering Any Day of the Week...

I love to travel, and I love resort style vacations.  Having berries delivered to our ocean side cabana, or sparkling ice water that makes the ice appear as they are diamonds floating in the water... A beautifully styled poolside table with stark white linen napkins that accompany a plate full of fresh strawberries..
...Ahh, the serenity of it all makes me what to book a flight to a beachside resort this very moment!  But... what if I told you I get to experience all of this in my very own backyard anytime I want?!
As the weather warms up in Sunny Southern California, I make sure to set aside at least a couple of hours each day 
(whenever I'm not crazy busy) to enjoy my backyard. 

I love to start by setting the atmosphere.  Today, I brought out one of my favorite Ball Jars (you know, the chunky BIG one), and filled it up with ice water.  

 I sliced up some fresh lemons, and instantly I had resort style water right at my finger tips. 

 I chilled  one of my favorite Crate and Barrel water glasses in the fridge, and placed the Ball jar and glass on my outdoor coffee table wicker serving tray
I brought out some fresh strawberries I purchased at the local farmers market this weekend, placed them on a white Crate and Barrel dessert plate next to a crisp white linen napkin.

 I placed some fresh white stock in a vase and some in a rustic jar
 (I always have fresh flowers on my outdoor coffee table) for that styled resort table look.

  I opened up one of my favorite home decor magazines, and I was ready to enjoy my resort style setting in my own backyard for a couple of hours. 
 I sat back and enjoyed a beautiful morning with a resort style feel that left me rejuvenated and oh so very relaxed!

And to think, I didn't have to pack a suitcase!

 I bet you would  have never thought that your own backyard can become one of your favorite destinations 
Go ahead, take it from me... set up your space to take you to those places you love to visit; And you might just find yourself going there everyday of the week!




  1. We use our garden as an extra room in our little cottage.

    I will have to copy your ideas.

  2. Oh yes! I feel the heat of summer! This is just a perfect day at the beach for me too! I love to be outdoors.....I wish I lived closer to visit you! We would have lots of fun.......relaxing in the sunshine!
    Blessings My Friend,

  3. Way to enjoy what you've been blessed with! Love it!