Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Table

As Valentine's Day approaches, I've been busy playing around with
ideas for a table design that is both romantic and elegant. Aside from going out to a romantic dinner with the hubby on Valentine's Day to our favorite little spot in Malibu, we are also hosting a couple's dinner with good friends a few days before.
  I incorporated my table around my Valentine's Day Mantel
Vignette that I shared last week, and I feel they compliment one another quite nicely. I hope you like my  
Valentine's Day Table 2013    
As I shared last week,
 these adorable little red ornament hearts pulled at my "heart strings" ( no pun intended)I loved how they looked hanging on the red sparkly branch of my Valentine's mantel vignette, so I 
knew I had to use them in my Valentine's table design as well.  I placed one heart inside each wine goblet so that when my guests sit at the table, they find a little "love" in their glass!

 Everyone who knows me knows that I 
always display my dinner menus prominently 
on the table, and this was exception.  I found
this frame still in it's box in a closet where I keep 
all of my decor items.  I didn't even know I had it.
It's beautiful silver patina and red ruby accent jewels 
could not be more perfect for the Valentine's Table.
 I went shopping hoping to find pretty red Valentine's Day napkin rings but nothing truly spectacular caught my eye.  So, I pulled out my silver napkin rings, and wrapped a shimmery red ribbon from the craft store around it, and TA-DA...  the perfect little napkin ring was born!

 Of course, I didn't want that pretty shimmery red ribbon to go to waste, so I used it to bundle tie my beautiful silverware.  It gave the sophisticated silverware a whimsical little touch. 
 Besides, who doesn't like untying a pretty little bow especially 
on Valentine's Day?!!

 I used my ruby red and bejeweled chargers to set simple
white and platinum plates on top of.  The ruby red chargers 
compliment the red and silver napkin rings quite nicely,
 and come together to give a cohesive look to the place setting.

I used three soft pink mercury glass candle holders in varying 
sizes in the center of the'll see how they 
were tied together in this vignette.  I loved the way 
they provided a soft glow to the table when the 
candles were lit inside.

 I used the same red mercury glass tea lights that I used 
in my Valentine's Mantel Vignette to continue that 
cohesive design among both.  Just like the pink mercury glass candle holders, these little votive holders gave the table a romantic glow, and complimented the ruby red chargers perfectly.

Rather than set the table in our formal dining room, I brought in a smaller table and placed it in front of the fireplace (much like I did with my New Year's table design), because I wanted 
the Valentine's Mantel to be a part of this table design as well.   You can see my "Valentine's Mistletoe" message in the background, and that is exactly the cohesive look I was going for.

I brought in a vintage silver tray, and added 
a few silver touches to bring more shine to the table.
 I used a glass wine carafe as a replacement for the traditional wine bottle. I loved how the red Cabernet matched 
the red ruby chargers.  
 I brought in two tall, white pillar candle holders 
and they added hight to the table.  I placed them
on the silver tray right next to the fireplace.  They complimented 
the crisp, white fireplace mantel quite nicely too!
 The silver tray and accompanying silver pieces
give added shine to the already glittering table.
 Here, you get a glimpse of the glow given by the mercury glass
candle and tea light holders.  It provides for a 
stunning scene to this tablescape.
  The warm candlelight glow is picked up b
the accessories on the table...

 View from above...
 Wide angle view...
 And to think it all started with this cute shimmery little red heart!
Happy Valentine's Day!
 And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love.
But the greatest of these is LOVE.
1 Corinthians 13:13

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