Tuesday, April 18, 2017

From Design Board to my Shopping Cart: The pieces that will soon make up my Completed Farmhouse Guest Bedroom Design

 As my Farmhouse Guest Bedroom Design starts to take shape, I can't help 
but remember the first time I sat down to design my first Design Board draft for the room.

The first draft was a raw poster board that I taped inspiration pictures I clipped from various sources (i.e; Pinterest, Shopping Catalogs, etc)... After a month or so of changing those clippings as well as adding new ones, I moved on to create my Electronic Design Board.  

And then started the arduous process of clearing out the room to begin the prep work.  As any interior designer/stylist knows, the worst part is always the prep work!

 Painting the room was the first step.  I chose a pure white palette in order to achieve a clean Farmhouse Cottage look.  The pure white palette will also allow me to incorporate my love of Coastal decor into the room during the summer. 
With the white color palette on the walls, the room instantly transformed as it
 took the shape of a blank white canvas ready to be designed.

(Paint Color: Ultra Pure White-Flat by Behr)

Re-purposing pieces that I could continue to use in the space was not only helpful in keeping costs down, but it allowed me to keep items that I loved.  The existing desk in the space was a natural wood dinette table that we purchased from IKEA a few years back that we then painted white.   In order to transform the table into a Farmhouse Style piece, I stained the tabletop and lightly distressed it to give it that old worn Farmhouse look.

(Stain Color: Carrignton by Varathane)

Shopping/designing new items was the most fun of course.  One thing was certain, I would stick to my Design Board and only deviate from it if by chance a specific item was no longer available, or if the intended piece was better suited by a substitute   Luckily, I was able to find as well as design the intended pieces with little wavering from the original design board.

Below are a few sneak peak pics ( That's almost a tongue twister) of some of the pieces that you will see in my Farmhouse Guest Room Design.  As you will notice, none of the pictures have their intended purpose defined...that was purposefully done so that I can describe them in the room reveal.

 So, that's a little synopsis of the steps I underwent to get to where I am today with my Farmhouse Guest Bedroom Design.... All of the sneak peek pics will come to life very soon, and I can't wait to share the completed design with you!



So, when is the REVEAL????..... Soon, I promise!

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