Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Incorporataing Seasonal Decor into Your Everyday Style: Easier than you think...

 Seasonal decor and Your everyday Style...

 For the average person wanting to style their home for the seasons
it often becomes an overwhelming task; One reason why
 is that more often than not one feels that seasonal decor means their home has to completely be stripped of their every day style in order to incorporate seasonal changes into their space.

I am here to tell you that this is not the case at all... So, put your seasonal
decor fears and apprehensions aside, and read on to learn how you don't have 
to be a designer to showcase seasonal decor among your everyday decorating style.

Read these simple tips on how to Style your home for the seasons 
while keeping your overall decor style intact:

One  tip to remember is that seasons are transitional. It's important to keep 
this in mind so that you are not over styling and better yet, so that you don't 
break your bank when out shopping for seasonal decor.

Tip Number 1:
Clear out color palettes that may collide with 
the current season.  For example, when decorating for 
spring, you may want to store your dark throws and pillows 
and replace them with florals, pastels, and neutrals.

 This DOESN'T mean you need to store away your dark tables or couches.
Those items are fixed pieces that will work well as you add accessories around them 
in order to compliment the season your are decorating for.  

Tip Number Two:
Shop smart.  When out shopping for seasonal items, 
attempt to consider purchasing pieces that may 
be used in more than one season.  For example, 
floral and colorful accent pillows may be used for both spring
 and summer. This will allow you to save on your decorating budget as well
as saving your space in your decor closet.

Tip Number Three:
 Use the "less is more" approach, and don't overdo the season.  This can be achieved by adding touches of seasonal decor and not overpowering your space with too much.  I like to you the term
"sprinkle' when it comes to helping my clients decorate for the seasons.

In other words, sprinkle touches of the season here and there.  Don't turn every room 
in your home into a seasonal display.  By keeping your seasonal decor at bay, you will achieve a 
more classic look that doesn't appear overdone, or make your home look like a seasonal decor store.

Tip Number Four: 

 You don't have to overhaul every space in your home to decorate for the seasons.
If your dining room buffet is an essential part of your everyday living, 
and you can't do without it's purposeful use, then don't change it. 
  Simply work around it by adding simple touches that will show off the season in a subtle way. 

 In this photo, the dining room is essential for hosting dinner parties, and adding, ribbons, jute, mason jars and a faux bloom give off a soft spring vibe while keeping the space for its intended use 
without too much disruption.

Tip Number Five:
Create seasonal vignettes (as in the following photos) that can easily be changed and moved throughout your space. Using baskets, crates, and galvanized buckets is the perfect way in which to display seasonal accessories on tabletops, buffets, and beside tables which can be moved around to gain new perspective all season long.



So there you have it, five easy tips that allow you to incorporate seasonal decor into
your everyday style.

 So go ahead and give it a whirl...Work around your decor and bring a little splash of the seasons
 to your space.


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