Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How Travel Inspires Home Decor...

As a family, we enjoy travel.
It's a passion that keeps us connected with the world around us,
and we don't take the opportunity God has given us to visit some of the 
most beautiful places in the world for granted.

Aside from Interior decor, writing and photography are among my most loved passions, and I can get lost in both.  Via our travels I utilize my love of photography to capture moments, locations, and often objects that become memories frozen in time through my photographs; And the inspiration for this blog post comes from one of those photographs I shot while my family and I vacationed in the Dominican Republic a couple of summers ago.

As we traveled the countryside via an open jeep style bus, we came across a farm and stumbled upon a sweet cow feeding from a floral tree branch.  Our daughter instantly befriended this beautiful animal.  She was the sweetest and most gentle creature.  Our daughter gathered a floral branch from the ground and the sweet cow ate the leaves right from her hand.  I fell in love with that vulnerable yet powerful moment where mutual trust was shared between this beautiful creature and my daughter, so I instantly took the lens cap off my camera and snapped away.  Of course it's fair to say a personal connection was made and we had to give this precious sweetheart of a cow a name before we left the farm... So, this beautiful Dominican cow became...
" Bessie"

 Here are a few of the shots I took of 'BESSIE' 
on that beautiful Dominican Republic countryside farm...
(Original color shot)

Upon returning home from our travels we immediately chronicle and  develop our photographs 
and of course we keep them as treasured memories in family travel albums I put together. We also digitally store them into our main home computer. And this was the case with these
 particular photos of "Bessie."
 However, while designing our Farmhouse Style Guest Bedroom last month (reveal coming soon)
I was looking for artwork for one of the walls in the room.  I knew I wanted something that would 
coordinate with the overall design of the room. I specifically wanted a print of some sort of farm animal, but I dislike generic prints... So I tabled the idea and moved on to 
other decor projects in the room design. And then it happened.  One day, as I walked into the room and stared at the blank wall that needed dressing, I instantly thought about "Bessie."  
I ran to my laptop and pulled up the shot, and there she was...she was as beautiful as I remembered!
After a bit of editing to crop some of the background from the photo and give her a monochromatic look, I sent "Bessie" to be processed as a black and white print. 

 (Edited black and white photo)

After my desired editing,  I purchased a rustic farmhouse frame,removed the glass, and framed "Bessie in all her glory...She is now hanging on that plain white Farmhouse Guest Bedroom wall, and I could not be happier to see that sweet face that takes me back to that beautiful Dominican Republic countryside farm where my family and I enjoyed a beautiful vacation and made memories that will last a lifetime.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how a vacation photo became the 
inspiration in my home decor...

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