Friday, December 12, 2014

Muted Golds, Silvers, and Black Polka Dots...Not your ordinary Christmas wrapping

I know I've said it a dozen times in my posts,
and I will say it again, I am obsessed with muted golds and silvers in my designs.

 You all know that I also gravitate to "out of the box" designs,"
and holiday gift wrap is no exception.

Let's face it, the stores are filled with the traditional 
Santa, holly, wreaths, and yes, reds and greens.
I am so not into that cookie cutter wrapping style.

For me, the beauty of a box wrapped in silky golds
and silvers, and in this case, even black polka dots 
against a solid white background says ORIGINALITY!
 But don't worry, I still have a secret love of rustic wraps 
as you have seen before in previous holiday gift wraps posts.

So, while at the store today, I picked up these beauties, 
and got to work.  I hope you enjoy my "NOT YOUR ORDINARY Christmas Wrapping."

Muted gold and Black Polka dot papers paired with shimmery 
gold and silver ribbons give my packages a sophisticated look...

 The shimmer of the ribbons give this gold pattern just the right amount of bling...

 Who would have thought of black polka dots for the holidays?
The shimmery silver ribbon gives this whimsical paper
 the right amount of elegance, don't you think?

So adorable, I could not resist picking it up.  So glad I did!

And of course, I still have a love for the plain rustic look as well.  
The Happy Holidays ribbon on the plain packaging paper wrap gives
 the gift on the left the perfect amount of rustic.
 I hope you go out of the box a little bit, 
and give wrapping your gifts in papers 
you would not normally use during the holidays a try ...You'll be surprised 
at how fast you will run from the traditional reds and greens next year.

Well, I have to get back to wrapping, but wanted to share my inspiration of gift wrap with you today!

Have a lovely day!



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