Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chalkboard Decor

Remember when chalkboards 
were those ugly green (sometimes black) slabs of wood
found in our school classrooms?
Boy has that eyesore changed in recent years...and no, I'm not referring 
to their transformation into the modern version known as,"whiteboards," 
or it's tech savy counterpart the"smartboard."

I'm referring to the rebirth of that slab of wood into the
 popular showpiece that it has become.
It seems that everywhere we look, whether the craft store, 
restaurant, coffee house, and yes, even our own homes, 
we see chalkboards displaying a most appropriate message.

Who would have thought that the green slab of wood
we learned how to spell words like cat, hat, and the likes
would now be the piece de resistance when it comes to
our own decor!!  
 I have to admit, I fell for the new trend the first moment 
those adorable little "blackboards" began showing up at my local 
craft store.  So don't worry, you are not alone...I think it's fair 
to assume that we bloggers, and decor enthusiasts have used a 
a chalkboard at one point or another in our own designs.

Here are a few ways I have put the old little slab of wood to use in my decor.
I could have added a gazillion more pics, but I think you catch my drift.

 An Easter/Passover message...

On the dining room buffet during the most wonderful time of the year...

An inspiring message on the mudroom chalkboard...

A french dinner wish on the dining room easel...

In front of the fire in the family room...

On a chair against a french toile pillow...

On the table for my "Magazine This" luncheon...

In the laundry room with an encouraging message...

On the backyard table as patriotic "napkin rings"...

Announcing another milestone on the first day of school...

As a perfect little sign for the 
outdoor walkway easel during the holidays...


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