Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Mantel

Here is a little throwback to last year's Thanksgiving Mantel...
I stick to the soft whites, cremes, and silver patinas in my decor.
I love the elegance that these hues bring to the overall 

I am busy working on my design for this year's Thanksgiving mantel
amidst a partial Fireplace mantel renovation...stay tuned for 
the finished product of my 2014 Thanksgiving ManteL.

November has arrived, and it's time to begin decorating for Thanksgiving.
I know many people begin their Christmas holiday decoration as soon as November 
arrives, but I like to enjoy each holiday as it approaches.  The day after Thanksgiving 
officially marks the beginning of Christmas and Hanukkah decorating for me.

I've started the mantel decor, and although it isn't complete,
 I thought I'd share a little snippet.

I am all about the muted shades of silver, taupe, and creams when it comes to Thanksgiving decorating.  My Thanksgiving mantel is starting to come alive.  During the next couple of weeks, I will share the complete vignette of my Thanksgiving Mantel 2013.

Until next time, I hope everyone is enjoying the start to the holiday season.


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  1. I too like to celebrate each season in it's entirety! Love the mantel, and hope that whatever amazing things are going are the blessings they sound like! New follower from I hope you'll follow along, too. :)